Friday Video: Coyame, Mexico’s Roswell

Friday Video: Coyame, Mexico’s Roswell

I have been reading about significant encounters with UFOs, seeking those stories that are on a scale with Roswell, 1947. What I found, an incident which reads like a summer blockbuster movie script, a combination of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” and “Andromeda Strain” against which Roswell pales in comparison if there are equal measures of truth to be presumed in each story.

Despite the events taking place in 1974, according to PRUFON, the Puerto Rican UFO Network, the story did not come to light until 1992 when it was mailed anonymously to several researchers in the United States and Europe. I have not found the names of those researchers.

On August 25th, an unknown object is tracked by American military radar flying over the Gulf of Mexico, approaching American airspace. There are no civilian radar reports of tracking such an object. Tracking continues as the object descends, changes course, assumes level flight or periods of time and eventually disappears from radar. Level flight and controlled changes in speed eliminate the possibility of a meteorite or other space debris, but the story does not end there.

The History Channel has done a thorough recreation of the incident.

And there have been investigations of the site where the remains of the recovery team and debris of the destroyed vehicles are thought to have been.

And while there are some inconsistencies between these two accounts, that is to be expected in what is largely a word of mouth case. Though, if a nuclear device were detonated, as claimed in the last video, that should show up on seismography of that date. I have contacted a source for seismograph information in hopes of finding records of the date in question, and hopefully analysis.

I would love to hear from anyone else who knows about this story from more than the History Channel

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Henry Paterson