Large Biped Winged Creature Seen In Butler County PA

This is the type of report I look for all the time and in my opinion, this one hits the jackpot!

Not just one, but several reports have surfaced in the Butler County area regarding a giant winged creature.

The story comes to us from Stan Gordon’s UFO Anomalies Zone and I must say, Stan has got me excited. Maybe it’s my fascination with Mothman or my interest in Bigfoot, but this has both rolled into one all purpose terror.

It all began in the still dark, early morning hours of March 18, 2011 on a rural road between Chicora and East Brady. A businessman was driving along when he saw something that as he says, “made the hair stand up on his neck”.

This is his story as related to Stan Gordon:

On March 21, 2011, I was contacted by a witness who reported having an encounter with a very strange creature during the early morning hours of March 18, 2011. The incident occurred on a rural road in Butler County between Chicora and East Brady. The witness, a businessman passing through the area, stated that “this was the freakiest thing I ever saw, and it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.” The man told me that he was driving down the road when from about a ¼ mile away, he observed something on the right side in a grassy area. His first thought was that it was a deer.

The driver stepped on the gas to move closer to get a better view. From about 50 yards away, he observed something that appeared to be hunched down, and then stood up. The driver then observed a very tall muscular creature. At this point, the driver had his high beams on and watched as the creature walked in front of a yellow reflective road sign, then crossed the two lane road in three long steps and continued into a wooded area. What he saw was a humanoid figure that stood at least 8 feet tall that appeared to have smooth leather-like skin that was of either a darker tan or light brown color.

The creature never looked at the witness, and was only observed from its side. The head appeared to be flat in the front section, and then rounded out. “At the top back of skull, it was like one of those aerodynamic helmets. The top was not quite a point, but looked like a ridge on top of the head.” The face was flat, and the eyes were not clearly defined, but the man thought that they might have been pointed in the corner. The ear that was observed on the left side was long and flat, and came up and back and was pointed backwards like a flap.

The arms were muscular and a little longer than that of a human. The hands looked more like a claw, but the number of fingers was unclear. One physical trait that stood out were the extremely muscular legs. The witness stated that it was hard to explain, but the legs did not move like that of a human, and “looked like they bent backwards.” The witness also saw what appeared to be wings on its back which were tucked into its body, with the wing tips extending toward the side of its head.

No unusual sounds or smells where noticed during the observation which was estimated to have been about 7-8 seconds. As the motorist approached the location where the creature entered the woods, it could no longer be seen. The next day the witness decided to drive back to the location of the encounter to look for any evidence. The ground conditions were not suitable for tracks, and nothing was found. The witness did, however, measure the road sign that the creature had walked in front of. The sign was just over 8 feet high, and the head of the creature was estimated to have reached about 4 inches above the sign.

Since that initial report that I received concerning this strange encounter, it has been learned that other local residents from that same area also reported seeing a similar unknown creature. Dan Hageman, Director of BORU ( Butler Organization of Research on the Unexplained), also received several reports from that same time period and general location. The following are some of the BORU summary reports on these incidents.

March 26, 2011-Kepple’s Corner-Two witnesses were driving to Butler when they witnessed a dark tan, 8 feet tall winged entity. The face appeared smashed in. It had a muscular body and a head that went to a point. The arms were long and it appeared to have claws for fingers. When it crossed the road it seemed to lope with each stride. The witnesses stopped the car in shock and sat there until another car came and they had to move. The witness is willing to take a lie detector test to prove what he saw.

Hop on over to Stan’s site to read two more accounts from witnesses in the area.

Now I’ve read hundreds of these stories and what seems to ring true is the description. It’s always very large, somewhat humanoid, with wings on it’s back. The one word that seems to repeat over and over in most every story is “leathery”. This is how witnesses typically describe the skin of these creatures.

Could these people all be whacked out on speed balls? All hopped up on….Uhhh, hop up stuff? I think not! Somewhere out there are cryptids and these cryptids are lurking around. We seldom catch a glimpse of them, but why?

Is it possible that these winged gouls are cousins of the elusive Sasquatch? Maybe they’re demons waiting for the next victim to roll around the bend of some country road.

Could they be inter-dimensional entities? Are witnesses observing these things during a mashup between our reality and that of of a sister dimension? Some people believe portals open up on occasion while still others are of the opinion that there are invisible things all around us, things vibrating at a frequency which causes everything from horrific humanoids to aliens not 6 inches away, to remain unseen. If we want to go a step further, we can investigate the theory that we are in the 3d dimension and we are seeing these UFOs, creatures and other strange phenomena because we are entering the 4th dimension, a “dimensional shift“, if you will.

The bottom line is with so many reports almost seamlessly matching, something must be going on and while mass hysteria is an easy answer, I also believe it a convenoient way to avoid the possibility that these things are out there and so are we.

So, next time you are driving down a secluded road out in the middle of nowhere, keep your eyes peeled as you never know what you might see.

Thanks to Stan Gordon for giving us plenty of cryptid fear to make our weekend great.

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