Amazing UFO Seen Over Crete – Updated Credit Added

Amazing UFO Seen Over Crete – Updated Credit Added

I’ve seen a lot of UFO pictures in my time, but occasionally one comes along that for the life of me, I just can’t logically explain. Now I have to depend on our UFO ID expert Henry and I’m not so sure even Henry can come up with a feasible explanation on this one.

A German couple out photo-journaling the day last month got a big shock while going through shots they had taken along Balos Beach, Gramvousa in Crete.

There are obviously goats in the foreground, however, up in the sky, we can see an oddly shaped metallic object. My first inclination was a bird as it does have some shape aspects that tend to lean that way, but the reflection of the sun off the metal-like surface tells me something different. What that something may be, is where I get stuck.

Credit: Above Top Secret

Credit: Above Top Secret

Full source: Above Top Secret

Crete UFO Image

We were contacted via email a few weeks ago by a photographer in Germany who was recently in Greece on holiday. While that does sound pretty mundane, the image file she attached to her email was anything but, at least to my “not professionally trained in digital imaging” eyes, it was the best “UFO” image I’ve had emailed to me in years.

As I’m sure you can imagine, we get lots of UFO images sent to us here at via email. I always give those a bit more credence because the person sending them is obviously not trying to get massive attention for their image like they would if they simply posted it here in the ATS “Aliens and UFOs” Forum for the world to see.That typically means we’re not dealing with a hoaxer looking to crank up awareness in the hope of a payday.

That said, these images usually end up being fairly obvious birds, bugs, planes, etc.. upon basic examination by our crew, that, or, they’re lonely lights in a dark sky that could be anything.

Not this one.

When I first looked at it I was intrigued by it’s strange “VW Beetle Spaceship” appearance and couldn’t easily say what it was. After several email exchanges with photographer, I felt like this was not someone trying to hoax us, as a matter of fact she has been totally forthright and cooperative as you’ll see in the ensuing posts that contain the analysis of the image.

We decided to send it to Jeff Ritzmann for further analysis and expert’s opinion on what it might be, and possibly more importantly, what he believes it is not.

That’s all we can do with images, ask the professionals in the field of digital imagery to give us their best opinion. If they can’t say with confidence what it then is we bring to you, the membership. One of you may have seen something they/we missed, you may have seen or photographed something similar, and, best of all, we get your theories as to what it may be.

Full source: Above Top Secret

In my humble opinion, this sighting ranks right up there. Unless of course it is a bird or a big giant hoaxy fake. In that case, I wouldn’t be as impressed. By the by, I have no idea where “up there” is, so I wouldn’t depend on me for anything more than a sharp stick in the eye.

So, again I reach out to the idio…I mean, well informed readers here at GT. Time to put your thinking caps on, or for those among us who are paranoid, your tin foil hat.

Note: You can make a delightfully fresh and effective cleaner out of water, vinegar and a little lemon juice.

Update: GhostTheory was informed that some of the content, including the video were illegally lifted from ATS by another source. ATS has informed us and we are more than happy to comply with their compromise. Unfortunately we no longer have the video. We do however appreciate that ATS has worked with us to rectify the situation and will not require us to remove the article.

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