Friday Video: David Adair – Amazing American Or Beguiling Blowhard?

Friday Video: David Adair – Amazing American Or Beguiling Blowhard?

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It was the late 60s and all over America people were getting excited about space. However, one young man in particular stood out from the rest and no, I’m not talking about Homer Hickam. A teenage boy from Ohio named David Adair changed the face of rocketry, visited “Area 51” and stopped what could have been a “First Strike” offensive nuke attack on the Soviet Union all before the age of 18.

The hell you say? Well, those are the claims of Mr. David Adair himself. His colorful past has astonished a multitude of UFO believers and instigated more than a few debates among conspiracy theorists.

Just like any other kid of that era, David dreamt of space travel and all things that flew high and fast. However, David wasn’t satisfied with tinkering in the backyard. No, he had bigger aspirations. It was these aspirations that almost got David a trip to Jimmy Hoffa land.

In high school David was already building sophisticated rockets on a par with some of the biggest corporations in the field at that time. He was winning contests including The Most Outstanding in the Field of Engineering Sciences run by the US Air force. By this time David was receiving accolades in newspapers far and wide. It wasn’t long before the federal government, or more specifically, the DoD stepped in.

As it so happened, David’s mother was a caretaker and among those she nursed and cared for were the parents of General Curtis LeMay. LeMay took David under his wing as the government decided to fund David’s newest project, an electro-magnetic containment plasma fusion rocket engine. This engine was the first of its kind ever built and a level of technology that had never been attempted up to that point.

You may wonder how a 17 year old kid was able to do something that mega corporations with tons of funding couldn’t. David will tell you that it all came to him in dreams, stunning dreams of complex mathematical formulas. Night after night David would have these sleeping visions that coupled with a photographic memory, allowed him to apply said formulas to his project.

I could tell David’s entire and quite fascinating story that includes a first hand look at alien technology, but I think it would be better to have David relate it in his own words:

I first came across David Adair over at ATS a few years back and got into some heated discussions. While I can’t say for sure that Adair is telling the truth, I have spent a great deal of time studying body language and the signs (tells) of lying. If you watch David closely on the above video, it becomes apparent that either he’s telling the truth or he’s actually convinced himself that his story is fact.

I used the word “fascinated” already in this article, but I can find no other reference to relate how Adair’s life strikes me. I’m a hard nut to crack, however, if I were to lean in favor of any hard to believe story (which I can count on one hand), it would be this one.

Adair went on to work for the Navy designing jet engines and has run his own company. He’s an accomplished speaker that is to this day very popular and in demand at major corporate venues.

Aside from the associated content below, there are many sources of information on David Adair and to save you the time of proving his newspaper write ups as a teen, I’ve already researched them and yes, they do exist.

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