One More Cyclops In The World

One More Cyclops In The World

News out of India is that the Coimbatore VOC Park Zoo is home to a rare one eyed goat.

The goat, named Lefty because it is left handed, was born in Perundurai, Erode, India and at the time of the below photo, looks to be about who knows old. Oh, I made that part up regarding the name. Actually the goat could have any number of names. In fact, I think I’ll run a contest! Yea, the “Name The Cyclops Goat Contest”. The winner will be given an all expenses paid trip to India’s drinking water purification plant. Of course, that could be a filthy lie as well.

So, with that said, lets take a look and see what all the fuss is about:

I could throw a lot of biology and genetic stuff in at this point, but does anyone really want to read it? No, you just want another picture of this poor unfortunate cow, uh, I mean goat.

The goat’s owner, Kandasamy, claims that in his 10 years of breeding goats, this is his first cyclops. This is obviously a genetic disorder as the goats mother had another calf who came out with the standard two eyed configuration.

Lefty, err, I mean no name does look like he could use a meal or two. Then again, maybe they are starving it in hopes that the eye will shrink and split. OK, eye can see my jokes are starting to go south, so I’ll end it here…no, here… is a much better place….speaking of here, does anyone else hear those voices in my head?

NOTE: Thanks to GTer IDOUBTIT00, who tells us the poor goat had died. Here’s the link!

You know me, late to the party or not, I can’t pass up a cyclops story.

Thanks to our good friends at Weird Asia News for bringing us…*cough*…weird Asian news.

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