Tim Fasano Claims To Have Skunk Ape Video

Tim Fasano Claims To Have Skunk Ape Video

If you are unaware of who Tim Fasano is, let me fill you in. Tim is a controversial figure in the world of Bigfoot. However Tim is more interested in the cousin of Sasquatch, namely the Florida Skunk Ape.

Tim has been roaming the Florida everglades for many years in search of this elusive biped, which he is convinced exists.

He has several websites and he puts out videos with the best of them. You have to hand it to him, as he takes video footage at least once a month. If anyone deserves to find a Skunk Ape, it’s Tim.

Unless you’ve been too busy with the big election, you’d know by now that Spike TV is offering 10 million dollars to whoever gets irrefutable evidence of Bigfoot. That’s a lot of samolians!

This challenge apparently is no challenge to Tim as he believes he might already have the evidence. The video below is taken from a recent outing of Tim’s in the glades. I’ve lived in South Florida, so I’m allowed to use the abbreviation, “glades”, plus it sounds cooler! No? Ehh, what do you know?

Getting back to the video, Tim claims to have caught the Skunk Ape rising up behind some saw palmetto.

Nothing left to do now, but take a look at said video and see what Tim has to offer. If you watch closely from 4:09 to 4:15, you will see what Tim is referencing:

Here’s some commentary from Tim himself:

I was about 300 yards from camp when I saw movement and took this video. At 4:09 you will see something peek up over the palmettos. When I pan back its in the open and tries to hide. I zoom so you can see. It was far away. I saw movement but did not know I had this capture until later. More vids of the expedition are at http://floridabigfoot.org

I’m not so sure I see a Skunk Ape here, but you have to give Tim props, at least he’s out there looking and who knows, he may one day prove the subject of his quest. For now, I think the $10,000,000.00 is safe, but I wish Tim all the luck in the world.

I can’t say that Tim and I have been on the best of terms, but we have gotten along. I’ve covered a couple news items related to him and I do check in with his sites and videos from time to time. After all, if nothing else, he is entertaining.

Hey GTers, you guys are welcome to chime in with your thoughts. What do you think?

Thanks to Tim Fasano for providing the content of this article as well as Spike TV.

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