A Rash Of UFO Sightings

A Rash Of UFO Sightings

I have posted them, Scott has posted them and there are several we have both passed on simply because they are not up to the standard that you, the dedicated and discerning GT reader has come to expect. And call fake. Well so far three of the recent stories have been pretty clearly demonstrated to have mundane terrestrial or astronomic origins.

BUT, the stories are everywhere, all over the nightly news and from all around the world. Maybe the Mayans really did have contact with some alien civilization and foreseeing what was to come of this planet decided to zoom off into space with their new found Ancient Alien benefactors and avoid the whole apocalypse altogether. Maybe they just could not stand the suspense and are returning now to watch the end, ready to move back into their temples and lost cities once we are all wiped out by zombies.

Or maybe, just maybe Herald Tribune writer Billy Cox is onto something.

Here’s an example of your typical coverage, a “Special Report” from NewsWest 9 in Texas.

And this one which Scott brought us this week.

And Cox’s take on this current flurry of sightings coverage?

Well, November is Nielsen ratings month, which means we’ll probably see a fair amount of UFO stories for the remainder of sweeps weeks. Some will be more formulaic than others.

After Nov. 30, the UFOs will all disappear. And they won’t be seen again until the next ratings season in February.

It is a shame really, that various news outlets choose to report on certain stories because of the attention it might gain for them rather than on the merit of those stories. That they choose the outlandish and unusual stories that they would otherwise ignore because they do not suit an agenda at some other time.

It is truly a shame that some people will put on exhibit the naivety and… um… blind faith and…er …alternate psychology of … well, for their own need to… uh, see their names in print…



Anyway, Television Evil! GT Good!

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