Spirit Rover Photo Still Open To Interpretation

Spirit Rover Photo Still Open To Interpretation

This is a story that first made it’s rounds in July. Over these past few months I’ve read lots of input and seen plenty of guessing and speculation. However, it is still yet to be explained. It’s because of this that we revisit the subject today.

While we all know that many variables can come into play with photos from Mars, sometimes there are things photographed that are more difficult to explain. This is one such photo.

Let me preface this by saying that I am in no way making any claims as to what we see in the picture. However, my eyes tell me that I am seeing some sort of craft or missile that seems to actually have a trail of propulsion behind it.

As much as I know there is a good and logical explanation for this anomaly, it is still quite intriguing to say the least.

The photo in question is from the Spirit Panorama camera, which may be part of the mystery.

Take a good look at the following video from Youtuber UFO HuntingClouds and then start the explaining:

Here is a UFO photographed by the Mars Spirit Rover. The UFO is shaped like a rocket or missile and leaves a trail behind it. This photo was discovered a while back and here is a link to the original photo (below)

Of course, we can’t let it go at that, so here’s one that I’ve blown up for your consideration. If you look closely, you can just make out what appears to be a vapor trail:

As I said, I’m not making any claims. Maybe one of our photo experts can shed some light on what this UFO might be. If it were really something special, we would expect NASA to come clean. Then again, maybe I’m giving them too much credit, but if they were trying to hide something, we’d likely not even have access to this photo, right? Lets face it, with the intense scrutiny of the space program and the multitude of UFO buffs poring over these pictures every day, the possibility of getting even a single image by is NBL (Not Bloody Likely).

I did spend about an hour re-reading all the content available since this subject first made the rounds and stopped just short of emailing someone at NASA. Then I decided that I may run myself right out of a story and ended the investigation in favor of dramatics.

So, now I hand it off into the capabl LOL! *cough* sorry…capable hands of our readers. July wasn’t all that long ago, so put your thinking caps on.

Thanks to UFO Huntingclouds for bringing this to our attention as well as NASA’s marsrovers website.

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