Lovely Molly

Lovely Molly

Well GTers, the holidays are fast approaching and at this time of year we will be enjoying lovely dinners and time with our families and possibly just cocooning away from the cold winter air. And what better way to make use of that new 60 inch LCD HD TV and Blue-Ray player than to settle down with a glass of mulled wine late at night and watch a movie that will creep you the bejeezus out?

For anyone who was a fan of “The Blair Witch Project” “Lovely Molly” should be well worth watching.

Don’t let this trailer fool you, “Lovely Molly” will keep you off balance and at every turn of the story. Not since “Rosemary’s Baby” have I seen as subtle and complex a character or story that never the less builds to a truly bizarre and satisyingly creepy end.

In an Interview at Empire Online Writer/Director Eduardo Sanchez offers up a tease on an upcoming project that you can expect to read about in these pages.

What are you shooting right now in Texas?
It’s a Bigfoot movie called Exists. It’s the first fully found-footage movie I’ve done since Blair Witch, and it’s looking pretty good! I’ve wanted to make a Bigfoot movie since I was a little kid, and I’ve always been curious about the way Bigfoot has kind of turned into a comic character now. For my generation – I’m 43 – Bigfoot was a horrible, really scary creature: this thing lurking in the woods. So I’m trying to bring that back. We’re definitely not making Harry And The Hendersons! We’re putting a trailer together right now, to kind of see what we have, and I think we’re going to deliver something that Bigfoot fans like me have been waiting for for a long time. I’m inclined to say that this might be the one…

Released in 2011, “Lovely Molly” is now available on Netflix and Instant watch, so put those new Rokus and Blue Ray players to good use.

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Henry Paterson