Friday Video: Electric Sky

Friday Video: Electric Sky

No, this is not a review of Milla Jovovich’s electronica album of the same name.

There has been a recent fringe movement attempt to bring together elements of mysticism, mythology and wishful thinking to explain why humanity has created certain stories that cross geographically separated ancient cultures.

Okay, let me rephrase that, setting aside “Ancient Aliens” there has been a recent fringe movement that believes there is a reason for early myths and legends, and themes in early art which appear around the globe without evidence of cross cultural contact among prehistoric peoples.

Based upon the writings of psychiatrist and scholar Immanuel Velikovsky who interprets early mythology as evidence that the Earth once had close encounters with the other planets of our solar system and that these encounters were interpreted by early man as gods and higher powers. This new “science” claims that the guiding force in the universe is electricity rather than gravity and the solar system was once a roller coaster ride of planetary bumper pool.

Immanuel Velikovsky

The story continues with an analysis of dendritic forms on Mars.
Part One

and Part Two

All of this ignores that even among those ancient cultures, the mathematics of the sky were pretty well understood, the motions of the visible planets were predictable and calculable, even if they did not fully grasp what they were seeing. Or that if the outer planets did wander in among the smaller planets they would be pulled out of their orbits, swallowed up or just torn to pieces by tidal forces.

There is a legitimate theory that Uranus and Neptune were once in each other’s orbit (more or less) and swapped places as a result of repeated alignments of Jupiter and Saturn pulling on Neptune, speeding it up and throwing it into a wider orbit, and as it passed Uranus, that planet was pulled inward to a closer orbit. This all from interactions of the classically stable orbits.

The Electric Sky is a very poetic idea, worthy of listening to if not investing much thought in and without room for poetry in the world then what purpose living?

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