UFO Explodes over Sacramento

UFO Explodes over Sacramento

Fireworks to ring in the New Year seems to be a growing tradition in the US.

Apparently it is a growing tradition among ETs as well, as we can see in this video from CBS affiliate Channel 13 in Sacramento.

Wait just one silky slipper picking second, did they say he consulted the Vatican? Is that a new trend? See a UFO, ask the Pope what he thinks? Okay, the Vatican actually has and observatory with offices at Steward Observatory, attached to the University of Arizona in Tuscon. But… really?

Anywho, almost as soon as the story hit the web, this particular UFO at least loses its status and becomes an IFO, or I guess an I-EX-O and the culprit…

Weather Balloon

Yup, really. Here is a video of another weather balloon doing just the same thing.

The orbiting object is the payload swinging beneath the envelope of the balloon. At dusk, at high altitude the balloon would still be in the sun light, and look much brighter to an observer on the ground.

Lets say this one is case closed.

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Henry Paterson