Joan’s Story

Joan’s Story

So you have read Joan’s (psueudonym) story about the antique trunk she bought for her husband?
You have, haven’t you?
If you have not, go back and read it now. Haunted Trunk

So in that story the issue was raised about if a paranormal experience might have a focus of an inanimate object, or if it might simply be a trigger for a person who is the true focus of activity. On first reading Joan’s account I had a few questions about why the trunk was stored in a facility outside the previous owner’s home, in a place without electricity.

Our next story brings a little history to Joan’s life and begins her at sixteen, living with her father. First a little background on that situation from Joan herself.

My parents separated for an unknown reason to me. They kept things to themselves. I was about 10 when they divorced. The other kids and I accepted it for what it was and had to learn to enjoy visitation with our Dad.

I moved in with my Dad when I was 15 because, well, my mother lost her mind…she was upset that I enjoyed visits with my father. She decided I was stealing legal documents from her (untrue) and giving them to my Dad. She just drove me to the area that my father lived and dropped me off around 11pm….. I walked to a complete strangers house and called my father to pick me up– because I did not know where I was.
Needless to say my relationship with my mother has always been strained and not close.

Having read Joan’s account of the relationship she had with her mother, one thought leaps ahead of all the other possibilities in her case.

According to Wikipedia

Poltergeists have traditionally been described in folklore as troublesome spirits who, unlike ghosts, haunt a particular person instead of a specific location.

Most reports of poltergeist manifestations involve noises and destruction that have no immediate or verifiable cause. Situations include inanimate objects being picked up and thrown; noises such as knocking, rapping, or even human voices; and physical attacks on human beings, such as pinching, biting, and hitting.

Poltergeists are a well recorded and much studied phenomena, as well as a popular subject for movies and television. There is a strong association between girls going through puberty and poltergeist activity. There is also a strong link between unresolved emotional issues and/or troubled homes and poltergeists.

According to Mind Reader.Com

Though the agent can usually be narrowed down to one person, in some cases the agent appears to consist of two or more people who co-create a psychological dynamic that causes one or more of the people to mentally “set off” the physical disturbances. Studies and investigations show that agents are typically experiencing repressed or unresolved emotional stress. Adolescence is commonly a stressful life period (psychologically and physically) and not surprisingly, the majority of reported poltergeist cases involve adolescent agents (the age range is from 12 or 13 to early 20s).

So let’s read what Joan has to say about how this all started

Hi again,
This is just ONE of the stupid things my father has done that may have started my troubles.

When I was sixteen my Dad wanted to try something he read about. My Dad and I lived together in a small apartment. He heard of a way you could open a portal to the other side, and actually see into another dimension. I thought the entire thing sounded stupid.

I watched my Dad set the whole thing up- waiting to see the end result which I was sure would be nothing. He hooked his camcorder up to the TV so that if he pointed the camera at me it would show an image of me on the TV screen live. Then he made sure no lights were reflecting onto the TV screen itself. He flipped the camcorder around and carefully zoomed in on the grey screen. He was recording the dark TV screen, recording the dark TV screen.

After about 30 min he shut it all off. We then got ready to watch the results. When we pushed play it was not a black screen…like what should have been there- It was a …the best way I can describe it is a bunch of colors going into a hole in the center of the screen…actively- like someone flushed a bunch of colors down a toilet. Then my Dad set about pausing the recording looking for people in the paused image. About 5 minutes into the pausing, he found it- what he was looking for.

There was clearly a man with a beard peering back at us. He had some sort of hat on. My Dad was so exited he invited several people over to check it out. So for nearly a day we had an image of a weird guy looking at us. At the end of the day my Dad shut it all off.

The next morning I awoke and got ready as usual. My Dad always left shortly after I started getting ready for my day- so he could get to work. I stepped into our bathroom (which was more like a closet) locked the door and started taking my shower. Moments later the door opened. I froze thinking I must have forgotten to lock the door and my Dad maybe was reaching in to grab a magazine to read while eating breakfast. The door closed quickly. I was so embarrassed.. I got out of the bathroom got dressed and asked my Dad why he came in the bathroom.

He swore he did NOT open the door. That was weird. I went to the mirror located outside of the bathroom and began to dry my hair. As I was drying my hair a man walked right behind me- I saw him- only a few feet from me. I put my dryer down, looked in the kitchen to tell my Dad “BYE and have a great day”…Only no one was there. My Dad had already left several minutes earlier.

I was scared out of my skin…I confronted my Dad and he just brushed it off…From that point forward I had haunting dreams that I perceived to be reality. I’d wake in the middle of the night and see a dark evil looking male walking towards me with a huge knife (it happened so many times I have lost count). All I could do was close my eyes and I dare not open them. I’d wake up to a blinding light in the window (at least 3 occasions)- but my window faced no road, nor the moon- nor any light source for that matter.

Nothing in my life has been the same since. I seem to encounter more than I bargain for at various times in my life.
My first husband did not believe anything I told him about my strange encounters. The head of our bed was located next to our closet. We were laying in bed late one night chatting- When someone, inside the closet began banging feverishly on the door. My husband and I jumped out of bed and flew for the light. My husband grabbed a heavy flashlight– we both stared at each other in complete disbelief….He bravely opened the door– and found no one, nothing. He searched for an explanation- but we never found one. We were on the top floor of an apartment building- the only thing behind our closet was the outside air.

Whatever it was – was in the closet. It was so loud- both of us slept in the living room- and I kept rubbing it in saying SEE…I told you….just wait until you actually SEE something.

My current husband has witnessed enough events he just prefers to NEVER talk about it. He thinks that it will encourage more problems.

I still have late night unexplained bangs in our open closets.. It sounds like someone dropping a huge heavy box- only when we turn on the light nothing has been moved. Did the entity attached to the trunk follow us? Did the recording my Dad made actually open a portal to another time? Or as my husband has suggested maybe some of the garage sale items I have in the house may be the cause.

I feel like someone is watching me, almost all the time.

I have one more incident I’d like to share- its about my Dad and his college years- something he shared with me. It is a wide reaching incident that I bet some of your readers may have an opinion about or may have heard about. I’ll have to write later as I need to get back to work. I work night shift because I find it hard to sleep at night anymore.
Thanks for listening to what I cant even believe- I have never relayed this to anyone but my husband. I know how insane it all sounds.

FYI- I am not on any prescriptions at all. I have always searched for rational reasons myself- but simply cant explain many things.

I should add for clarity and chronology, the Haunted Trunk
incident occurred between Joan and her second (and current) husband. As she says, her first husband had difficulty dealing with the paranormal activity in her life.

My first husband and I actually lived together and dated when I was 18 until we married at age 21- We divorced two years later.

…We were divorced less than a year after the closet incident….

But the events described above are not the end of the story, nor the end of the mystery surrounding the possible causes for the things that happen around her.

A great deal can happen in a feedback loop as is created by video taping a television screen while playing that video feed back, like standing between two mirrors that face each other. There is a phenomenon called Electronic Voice Phenomenon common in paranormal investigations. If EVP is voices from the other side or Auditory Pareidolia, or random signals picked up on blank channels is a matter for debate among people with more expertise in those fields than I. A face on the screen of a television locked into a feedback loop? That could be simple Pareidolia, it could be picking up a harmonic frequency from a broadcast channel, or it could be exactly what Joan suggests.

All life can be related down to nothing more than extremely complex frequencies of energy. The question is can those frequencies linger, and manifest in the noise of an open channel, or do they simply dissipate when the corporeal form that they inhabit is gone?

Do not believe that you know yet what is at the root of the things that are happening to Joan.
There is more to come.

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Henry Paterson