Ketchum Results Second Review?

Ketchum Results Second Review?

Dr. Melba Ketchum has been receiving a lot of criticism lately. You think?
A significant portion of that criticism on the public side is the $30 fee to download the publication of her DNA study.

According to Dr. Ketchum’s Facebook Page

Melba Ketchum
To all submitters: Please do not buy the paper, we are trying to get a link to you so you will have it at no charge. PM Robin if you do not receive the link.

I am thinking this refers to people who submitted samples to the project. Probably more importantly though, there have been questions, rumors and innuendo regarding review of the published paper, and seeking to lay those questions to rest…

Again, as posted on Dr. Ketchum’s Facebook page:

I have independent analysis of our data going on. Just let the armchair skeptical scientists talk. If the outcome of what we are doing supports our analysis, then we are home free. If not, then I will announce that also. It involves top level scientists that have volunteered after I released the paper. If their findings are the same, they will go public. So, please be patient.

One more thing. As I said, this offer came after the paper was published. They will go public in support of our findings only after completion of their analysis and assuming that they obtain the same results as the University of Texas did in our manuscript. If they find anything different, I will report that. Now that the manuscript is published I can be transparent.

A curious statement considering it has been asserted time and again that the results passed a blind peer review. What purpose does a second review serve? Still, my questions aside, I am sure I join many others who would like this circus to be put to rest.

As far as reading the results for yourself, I suspect a few people might be wanting refunds, but am equally certain there are many who will feel like it was money well spent. One of those who purchased the paper is among our readers who contacted me with his review.

He wishes to be known as Bigfoot Believer.

I obtained the Article, “Novel North American Hominins”, this Friday Afternoon 3/15/13, and I was very delighted to read the details of this long awaited DNA Study. It was a lot better than I had hoped for.

Any person who reads this Article that is not a DNA Specialist is not going to be able to understand the significance of the technical aspects of the procedures that were used and the results that were obtained.

There is a great deal of significance in the Article. It answers all of the pertinent questions.

I have been very interested in the “Bigfoot Phenomenon” ever since I returned from my last trip to Oregon in my family Motor home. Every other business in town was named Bigfoot_____. Such as Bigfoot Burgers, Bigfoot Realty, Bigfoot Pizza, Bigfoot Flower Shop and so on. I queried some of the townspeople about Bigfoot. I asked “Have you ever seen one?” The answer was always “No, but my Brother, My Next Door Neighbor, My Postman, My Local Police or Sheriff, or some other person they knew, They had seen one and the person I asked, swore that he believed that the witness would never lie to them.

As we passed back into California, we stopped at a RV Campground overnight and I bought a beautiful Calendar that had a listing of all the Bigfoot Sightings that had been reported by people who had camped there, all around the border of the Calendar. This was the last straw for me. I decided to apply my Internet search skills to find out the truth about this Bigfoot Situation. Upon returning home to Southern California, I set out with a vengeance to search the Internet. My profession was Computer Consultant so this came natural to me.

I found out that there were an awful lot of people doing serious Bigfoot research, and at least one and as many as four or five Bigfoot Reseach Organizations in each and every state, and some that covered more than one state or region, like Gulf Coast Bigfoot, or Nationwide organizations like the BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization). Certainly more than I thought I would find. I found that there were quite a few people who were well known in the Bigfoot Community. Names like Dr Grover Kranz, Dr. John Bindernagle, Dr Jeff Meldrum, Rene Dahinden, Roger Patterson, and many others.

I read many of the 75 books on the subject, and found the Bigfoot Casebook, by Janet and Colin Bord to be on of the most interesting. I read Thousands of Sighting reports in that book and on various Websites, like the big one from the BFRO. I was struck by the fact that a large majority of the Sighting Reports by purported eyewitnesses had some regular mentions of several features that were commonly and regularly observed.

The most interesting to me were statements about the Neck of the observed creature. I could not believe that there could be so many ways to say the same thing. It had a short neck; It had no neck at all; It seemed that the head sat directly on the shoulders; I could not see a neck; AND Hundreds more.

The same situation existed about Arm Length. It had very Long arms; Its hands reached past its knees;

And about its Build; It was very Muscular; It looked like a bodybuilder; Its shoulders were four feet wide.

During my searches, I found that there were many Skeptics who absolutely could not believe that such a large, powerfully built creature could exist, even though similar creatures were mentioned in several places on earth. The Yowie in Australia, The Alma or Almasty in Siberia, the Orang Pendek in Asia, the Yeti in the Himalayas.

I was pleased when I became aware of the DNA Research that had been attempted and the new efforts that were being made by Dr. Melba Ketchum in Texas. I followed the websites and radio interviews about this research, and was gladdened by the December 24th Coast to Coast AM Interview.

Dr. Ketchum spoke then in reply to the matter of sample contamination then and the Skeptics were not listening clearly, because they continued to rail that there must have been contamination of the DNA Samples for the research to have shown Human Mitochondrial DNA. In almost every case, I had taken note of the fact that numerous opinionated individuals,who are skeptics had almost always made comments to the effect that the DNA findings must be flawed by some form of contamination, but the fact seems to be that an enormous amount of care had been taken by Dr. Melba Ketchum and her associates, using forensic techniques to prevent even the remotest possibility of that happening, and my reading of the Study confirmed that most of these skeptics had unquestionably jumped to their conclusions without any real factual evidence, as usual.

I believe that this groundbreaking DNA Study was done with great care and that the resultant findings are now capable of proving to even the most die hard, outspoken skeptics, that there is an unclassified Biped roaming North America. This evidence is backed up by institutions like Texas University and other entities.

There were many Indian (Native American types) who had legends of Bigfoot, and in their 43 linguistic (language) groups in North America, they use over 500 different names. (And no names for mythical animals.)

Native Americans were not wrong about their belief that this unclassified biped actually exists. This is just another typical case of mainstream Science completely disregarding the testimony of the native peoples, who have professed that creatures such as Gorillas and Panda Bears are real. They were not believed at first.

Perhaps the only really group of true believers among current Scientists are the Biologists who work for the Canadian Province of Alberta. They have been believers for a long time, since they have said that since they encounter these creatures regularly, They accept the existence of this supposedly non-existent creature as common knowledge, as do other Scientists such as Dr. John Bindernagle and Dr. Jeff Meldrum, both of whom have now been seriously studying the Sasquatch or Bigfoot in North America for many years.

Dr. Ketchum and her esteemed colleagues are to be commended for the dedication that they have shown in the face of derision from the mass attacks by naysayers, skeptics and fools. I urge everyone, and especially hardcore skeptics to take the time to read this amazing Study and to become aware of the incredible quality of the Science behind it. Being a skeptic does not require that you cannot accept valid Scientific studies, that are done with a great deal of care and appropriate attention to detail by highly skilled professionals.

My kudos to the BRAVE researchers who refused to give up and quit. They will go down in History!

In following up after I requested permission from BB he sent me the following

“The team, led by Dr. Melba S. Ketchum, DVM, of DNA Diagnostics in Nacogdoches, TX, sequenced the three whole nuclear genomes using the next-generation Illumina HiSeq 2000 platform at University of Texas, Southwestern from a tissue sample, a saliva sample, and a blood sample. The three genomes all attained Q30 quality scores above 88 on the Illumina platform, significantly higher than the platform average of 85, indicating highly-purified, single-source DNA with no contamination for each sample. The three Sasquatch genomes align well with one-another and show substantial homology to primate sequences.
NOTE: The Three Q30 Scores of the three Genomes,with over 90 Gb of Raw seqence for each sample (Comprising greater than 30x coverage) were 88.6, 88.4 and 88.7 respectively. The Q30 is the percent of reads that have the statistical probability greaer than 1:1000 of being correctly sequenced (According to Illumina, a pure single source sample would have a Q30 score of 80 or greater with an average of 85). Therefore, not only were the 3 sequences submitted from a single source, but the quality of the sequences were FAR ABOVE the average 85 Score on genomes sequenced using the Illumina Next Generation Sequencing Platform AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Southwestern in Dallas, Texas”.
A Further comment was: “The high quality of the Genomes can be attributed to the STRINGENT EXTRACTION PROCEDURES UTILIZED WHEREBY THE DNA WAS REPEATEDLY PURIFIED”.
PLEASE NOTE: It would appear that the University of Texas Southwestern is rather sure that these are good Genomes, and that they tested to be of very high quality. How could you ask for more than that? It is time for the Skeptics to admit that they were WRONG! It is a new Species.

You will not be able to find a Geneticist who can argue with the results produced by the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. NOT WITH THOSE HIGH Q30 scores. New species have been accepted by Science with as little as 16 KB. Just a small number of base pairs. The sample size here was 90 Gb for each of three samples. See the Supplementary Data 7-10

To keep thoroughly up to date with the ongoing drama, catch Ketchum on Coast TO Coast AM:

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1st Half: Joining George Knapp, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum discusses the official release of her DNA analysis of possible Bigfoot hair samples.

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