$100,000.00 For Proof Of ET Craft

$100,000.00 For Proof Of ET Craft

Well, you had to expect it sooner or later. With the Bigfoot challenge and the James Randi psychic challenge, it was only a matter of time before someone offered big money for proof that an alien race/s have been visiting this little blue (for the time being) planet we call earth.

Driven by the release of a new motion picture based on the now defunct Project Bluebook, filmmaker James Fox will be offering a $100K prize, which we can only conclude is a promotional tool for the movie entitled “701”, named for the number of unexplained incidents cataloged during the Air force’s Bluebook investigation.

As much as I’d love to cover this entire story myself, it looks as though Alejandro Rojas over at Huff Post has it pretty well handled with his exclusive:

James Fox to Announce $100,000 UFO Reward for Proof of an ET Spacecraft (EXCLUSIVE)

Nearly every day, videos, photos and eyewitness accounts of UFOs pop up on the Internet.

Some are hoaxes. Some are quirks in the weather. Some sightings are never explained and forevermore remain UFOs.

The photo above, taken by Hannah McRoberts on Vancouver Island in British Columbia in 1981, is considered one of the most credible UFO pictures.

Still, never has there been widely accepted positive proof of an extraterrestrial spacecraft, though there are those who believe various government agencies around the world have conspired to hide the truth.

Now, however, if someone can prove otherwise, they will be $100,000 richer.

Filmmaker James Fox will make this announcement as part of the promotion for his upcoming movie The 701, inspired by the Air Force’s two-decade UFO study, Project Blue Book.

The massive study into 12,618 UFO sightings, which ended in 1969, was able to explain away all but 701 of these sightings.

Fox, who previously directed Out of the Blue (2002) and I Know What I Saw (2009), will reveal the $100K challenge at the 22nd International UFO Congress (IUFOC), which begins Feb. 27, in Fountain Hills, Ariz.

“One of the aspects that sets our film apart is the producers’ commitment to bringing forth never-before-seen evidence. As part of this effort, we’re offering a $100,000 reward for the best proof that some UFOs are alien spacecraft,” Fox told The Huffington Post exclusively.

“This material can be in the form of a photograph, video or film footage or debris from an alleged crash site. But it must be able to withstand scientific scrutiny by our chosen panel.

“Our intent is not to create another television UFO documentary, but to produce a feature film for worldwide theatrical release — ‘The 701’ — the most compelling film ever produced on UFOs,” Fox said.

“701 is the number the government doesn’t want you to know about. The U.S. Air Force had a serious problem, starting in the late 1940s. Technological devices were invading our airspace with total impunity. Glinting, metallic discs, which could accelerate and maneuver in ways hard to imagine, were being seen in incredible numbers by reliable witnesses. Many of them were pilots.”

Fox, one of the co-stars of National Geographic’s Chasing UFOs, will be sharing the IUFOC podium over the five-day event with former nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman; ex-FBI Special Agent (and host of the Syfy Channel’s Fact, or Faked) Ben Hansen; skeptical research scientist Ben McGee; former UK Ministry of Defense officer Nick Pope; and regression therapist Barbara Lamb, among others, presenting a compelling variety of topics, including:

Ancient Astronauts and Technologies
Physics of Space Travel
A New Look At The Cosmos
ET/Human Hybrids
Close Encounters of The 4th Kind: ET Contact(snip)

(snip)Once the $100,000 UFO challenge is announced, it’s expected that many people will submit items they feel are credible contenders for the reward. On the other hand, the ease by which UFO photos can be made these days may account for many of the entries.


The image above is an enlargement from the main picture at the top of the story. Could this be a candidate for a $100,000 payoff? Let the contest begin. Head on over the Huff Post for the rest of this fascinating $100K challenge.

James Fox is best known in the UFO community for his documentary, “I Know What I Saw” as well as appearances on TV and Radio. You can purchase the special 4 DVD set of said documentary and 50% of all proceeds will go toward the Gulf clean up effort. Remember that? Yea, well it’s still being cleaned up.

Here’s the History Channel edition of “I Know What I Saw” (sans all the goodies offered in the DVD offer) courtesy of Youtuber Dante Chazy:

While many have heard of Project Bluebook, there were other investigations throughout America’s history. Many of these were under the umbrella of the allegedMajestic 12“. Projects Sign, Sigma and Grudge are just a few of those included.

It wasn’t until 2011 that the US Gov decided it was time to offer some sort of reparation to alleviate pressure from the private sector. The FBI Vault opened it’s doors on April 11 of that year allowing anyone access to UFO, conspiracy, secret Gov ops, etc… albeit having a large percentage of available content blacked out.

Getting back to the James Fox money challenge, you may be thinking, only $100K? Pfft! Why should I bother? Doing a quick review of your bank account should answer that question. Besides, that paltry sum is just a fraction of what you’ll acquire as the first person to prove visitation by ET. Think of the popularity you’ll gain with the US Gov? Not only that, but you’ll also attract the attention of other governments around the globe as well as certain organizations who will remain *pushes thumb against nose* nameless. Finally, I’m sure ET himself will want to get a piec…err, I mean an audience with you. You see! You’ll be dead*cough* I mean, rich and popular in no time!

So, there you have it! Now get out there and start sending those telepathic messages to your ET brethren! Or just wait and I’m sure they’ll be along soon enough…..

Thanks to the following sources for contributing to this article: Huff Post, James Fox, The History Channel and Dante Chazy.

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