A Reader’s Story

A Reader’s Story

Many people out there have stories to tell and no where to tell them. Here at GT we are happy to give an outlet to tell your story, learn that others out there have had the same things happen to them, ask questions and try to make sense of your experiences or just see how foolish your story might really sound and have a good laugh at yourself anonymously.

This story appeared on our FaceBook Page, and now it is here for GT readers to share.

One of our readers writes:

Thank you for your interest in my story. In some ways it’s been a long, hard battle, in others, an enlightenment. I’ll just tell you about a few of them, to save space. I’ve been open my whole life. No one else in my family has, which made it hard having to keep everything to myself except one experience when I was a child. Only because it scared me so bad and happened so suddenly.

Let me mention the town of Vancouver, Washington has always been haunted. There are several people living there who have had things happen. Most of the houses are very old between 120 to 200. When I was 6, I was getting ready for bed in my room with the light off. Out of nowhere, this glowing blue figure appeared and said “follow me!” I startled and ran out of the room to where my dad was. He calmed me down and after I described it, said it was probably Jesus or an angel. At the time I believed it, since our family was non-demoninational Christian. Now I think it was a ghost. But why it would tell me to follow it I don’t know.

When I was 10 I was floated down the stairs at 1 in the morning. I was awake and not asleep, so it was not a dream. Everybody else in the house was asleep. I’d been allowed to watch a movie by myself so I got to bed late. I’d been fumbling for the light switch and panicked when I couldn’t find it, then all of a sudden it was like this forcefield surrounded me and I floated to the bottom of the stairs. This is when I admit it could have been my own psi energy going into survival mode and I could have done it myself. It happened again a year later when I almost fell off the monkey bars at school after everyone had gone inside.  I started to fall after a flip, and somehow time went into slow motion and I floated down onto my back without injury.

Maybe it was an angel/spirit saving me, maybe it was myself. I’ve heard of some people having these powers. In 1994, me and a friend sat and watched this crazy poltergeist get aggressive in front of us. We’d just watched an amusing movie and were in a good mood, and were just talking. The light next to her started flickering really fast and right after that, curtains I had on a table got picked up by something and slammed down. I screamed and this arc of white light swung up in front of us into the ceiling. This was not the first time I’ve seen this light.

It happened with another friend in Texas while we were talking in the middle of the night in her room at 2 am. In 1991, I lived two doors down from a young guy who killed two women and then himself. I also lived in another apartment shortly after that where another guy had killed himself. I didn’t learn about that till after I moved out. Of course the landlord’s not gonna tell you about that because they want to rent. Especially if they don’t believe in that themselves.

I saw this man shaped black cloudy thing hover over me one night and try to descend on me for worse. I yelled at it to get out and it backed up into the wall and went through it. I thought I’d seen the last of him till 3 weeks later. I would off and on feel bad feelings of anger in that room. I think that’s where he killed himself.

One night I was awakened to feel him sitting on the bed. I could feel the weight and my lower legs rolling into him.  When I woke up nothing was there. I was only there for 5 months. In that same complex, my sister lived in an apartment just doors
down from me where I’d often babysit for her 1 year old daughter. The baby was asleep and I sat in the living room reading waiting for my sister to get home so I could go home. It was 1 am. There was this light with a dimmer switch in front of me. I saw a shadow stand behind it and turn the knob three times slowly, dimming and brightening it. That freaked me out.

I never told my sister about it because she had a kid in the house and I didn’t wanna scare her. Anyway these are just some of the things that have happened. I might mention that the ghosts from that complex never followed me to my new house.

Other things happened there, but they were totally different in nature.

Well a few events stand out to me as explainable. Several of the events described happen around bed time. Awakening in the night to the feeling of a presence and/or a weight holding you down is classic hypnagogia.

Time slowing and the feeling of a soft landing when falling is triggered by adrenaline when a body is under survival stress. I once fell out of a tree and experienced time dilation and the feeling of floating, my body hit a branch that seemed to catch me and let me gently slide down to the ground as it bent under my weight. Of course being the child I was I thought I had to do that again. Sadly, it is not an experience that can be recaptured by intent. I eventually was able to start breathing again.

Certainly not all of the events described above are so easily explainable, and many fit into well traveled categories; Shadow people, Poltergeists,

As for Vancouver Washington, it has its fair share of ghost stories to tell, from Colonial era forts and Indian battles to men and women dying in the “white slave trade.”

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Henry Paterson