Confirmations On The Ketchum/Bigfoot DNA Study *UPDATED*

Confirmations On The Ketchum/Bigfoot DNA Study *UPDATED*

According to Dr. Ketchum on her Facebook page:

Melba Ketchum
We just heard from some mtDNA geneticists and they have found uniqueness in our mtDNA findings that prove that 1. The data is real and couldn’t have been hoaxed 2. That it shows relatedness amongst a large percentage of the samples 3. Supports our hybridization theory 4. Supports our timeline. I am estatic. We are asking permission to make these findings public. As soon as we have it, we will post them.

So expect this article to be updated and check back for those findings.



We just received permission to post. There will most likely be a new paper come from this so we will not post the new findings but you will see enough of the proof to validate the paper. I am SO excited!!!!!


Here is an excerpt that Ketchum says appears in the evaluation. It is very technical but I think if you stick with it you will get the general meaning.

The following was a unsolicited commentary by A. John Marsh on a geaneology DNA page which scientis use to discuss mtDna origin. This is not the complete discussion . However it sums up the analysis.T2 BIGFOOTS FOUND IN 5 DIFFERENT STATES:Along with the fact that all Bigfoots seem to have several different mtDNA mutations from each other, they also are found in 5 different states. It suggests that if a single T2b human female mated with a Bigfoot male 13,000 years ago, that the descendants of the T2b ancestor have spread widely in USA since then.

AGE OF T2b:Web site T2b is 12-10kya, and T1/ T2 coalesced about 19kya, T2b might very roughly originate about 10,000 to 15,000 years ago.


One thing I noted was that all the 52 number diverse T2b haplogroup listed humans in the T2 project had a mutation 146T, but none of the Bigfoot had that mutation. It seems in fact that all T haplogroup have 146T. I am guessing that the earliest common ancestor of all Bigfoots had a back mutation on that marker to the CRS value.

Another thing I noticed was that all Bigfoots which appear to have been tested on the lower number markers, have mutation 73G. Yet not one of the
52 human mtDNA T2b persons had the mutation 73G. Why not? Was 73G a very early mutation in the Bigfoot line?

All the fully tested 4 Bigfoots had the 263G mutation, but not one single one of the 52 humans had 263G. Why not?

It seems all human T2bs have have 16187C and 16189T, but no bigfoots have either. In fact, all human haplgroup T are postive for both these mutations, so presumably in the common ancestor of all Bigfoots there was a mutation reverting to CRS.

According to the Ketchum knockers, all the mtDNA Haplotypes in her project are modern contamination. All of these Bigfoot haplotypes are different.
Isn’t it a bit puzzling that all of these humans mistaken as Bigfoot have different T2 mtDNA haplotypes, all have 73G and 263G mutations not found in humans, and all seem to have had back mutations on 146T, 16187C and 16189T, where these back mutations are apparently not found in any human T2b s?

Some bits of info to help with the terms above:

There are several references to a term T2b

According to Wikipedia
In human population genetics, mitochondrial (mtDNA) haplogroups define the major lineages of direct maternal (female) lines back to a shared common ancestor in Africa. In human genetics, Haplogroup T is a predominately Eurasian lineage.

CRS Value is also mentioned and refers to the Cambridge Reference Sequence

According to Wikipedia
The Cambridge Reference Sequence (CRS) for human mitochondrial DNA was first published in 1981 leading to the initiation of the human genome project.
When mitochondrial DNA sequencing is used for genealogical purposes, the results are usually reported as differences from the revised CRS. The CRS is a reference sequence rather than a record of the earliest human mtDNA. A difference between a tested sample and the CRS may have arisen in the lineage of the CRS or in the lineage of the tested sample.

In other Bigfoot News the Rick Dyer/Bigfoot corpse drama drags on with eerie echoes of the Bigfoot in a freezer incident.
According to Robert Lindsay The body has been examined by “government agents” to determine if Dyer should be charged with murder, the body is now being held at a government facility rather than an undisclosed university as stated in previous reports, and the body has a double row of teeth reminiscent of historical stories of unearthed giants with similar denture.

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