Man Vidoes During Bigfoot Interaction

Man Vidoes During Bigfoot Interaction

Out of Ontario there is a video of a bigfoot encounter that is quite different from the typical.

No, there is no creature visible so yes it is quite easy for this to have been faked.  Just two men recording as knocking sounds are heard, small objects are thrown and a hand print is left behind on the car with some pretty impressive vocalizations, and what sounds like a healthy belch at the 8:35 point.


A hand print 12 inches long and 10 across is certainly not an average human. Could the hand print have been faked? Certainly, and I have to admit being a little suspicious of what is being called “nails” which I suspect are just an indication of the hand dragging a little.

I am 6′ 4″ and my hand in roughly the same position is 9 inches long and 7 inches across.

Without audio analysis it is not possible to determine if these vocalizations are outside what humans are capable of. To the ear, yes they could possibly be faked. I draw no conclusions on this one.

Sasquatch Ontario, who posted this had this to say:

This is real. We’re not trying to take your money. This is about showing the true nature of sasquatch and that misinformation has given them a bad rap.

The fear has dissolved over time. We each have our own level of fear to conquer and it does take some time.

For me, in these days of hoaxes and heated debates over new levels of evidence, it is reassuring to know that there are still people out there who are not seeking publicity or money for their work. People who are just seeking a new truth with quiet determination and offering what they find for its own sake.

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Henry Paterson