Yet Another CCTV Ghost Video

Yet Another CCTV Ghost Video


Are they even trying anymore?

We’ve been covering videos of these so-called Close Circuit Television ghosts for quite awhile now. Over the years we found that most of these “ghosts” can easily be explained by moths and other insects crawling around on the lens of the camera. Then there are those that look less like a bug and more like the end product of some low-budget Hollywood shop. You can’t help but shake your head at their attempt (or lack thereof) to hoax a ghost.

But why bore you with these stories, let’s check out one of the latest of these CCTV Ghost videos that is spooking folks out there.

Check this video out and tell me what you think.


Spooky CCTV footage showing a ghostly figure leaving a community centre in north-west London is creating a stir online.

The video shows a slim man suddenly appear outside the entrance of South Ruislip Community Association and Community Centre on February 1.

It captures the transparent figure walking calmly towards a metal railing before seemingly disappearing into thin air.

The strange moment was reportedly witnessed by the centre’s caretaker who went outside to investigate.

‘I was sitting inside the hall and noticed a figure on the front CCTV camera,’ the caretaker is quoted as saying in the video.

‘I looked up at the screen and thought I saw a person but wasn’t sure so went out to check.’

He added: ‘I went outside and no one was there but I thought they might have quickly walked around the side of the building into the park so I just went back in.

‘After downloading the CCTV footage I was surprised to see that the figure had been recorded onto the system.

‘I can’t explain this.’


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