Weird Bubble Creatures? Hmmm….

Weird Bubble Creatures? Hmmm….

Last week I was over at Who Forted and happened upon a story out of the Betty Steflic Preserve in Flagler Beach, FL. The Preserve is a scenic slice of nature filled with salt marshes, but something more dwells there, just under the surface of the briny salt water….

While visiting the Preserve Youtuber NightfallFXANS happened upon something he couldn’t explain. He’d been there many times before, but this was the fist time witnessing what he is now characterizing as “Bubble Creatures”. As you’ll see in the video, these odd blisters do in fact look like bubbles. If you pay close attention, you’ll see them undulating in the water.

Should we fear an invasion? Are these Bubble Creatures going to grow so large that they start consuming everything in their path?

Quote NightfallFXANS:

I’m calling these Bubble Creatures which I’m sure are a form of JellyFish but until I know what they are for sure, they are bubble creatures… that appeared during low tide and it was to be a full moon that night. Filmed at the Betty Steflic Reserve, Flagler, Florida. Of all my visits to the reserve, this is the first time I’ve seen them(anywhere in the USA).

PS: I’d like to thank for posting this video and bringing it 536+ views in 2 days. Thank You!

PS: Thank you ‘Bill’ for digging up information on what these are. I’m going to go with this answer as yet another form of species of Bryozoans:

PS: ****The suggestion is that they are Bryozoans! Still strange since they rarely appear and don’t last very long, this is the best explanation presented by ‘Bill’

Weird, wild stuff, huh?

Of course, we can be silly and cast this occurrence in a strange and eerie light, but back on earth we all know there must be an explanation. In fact, these are not bubble creatures at all, however, the question remains, what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks are they?

Several people over at Who Forted put their minds to the task and came up with a creature known as a Bryozoan, yet if you really think about it, the bubble creatures don’t really resemble Bryozoans. That’s where I came into the picture…well, not an actual photograph, I just mean…*cough* OK, anyway, it seems that everyone was satisfied and went about their business, everyone that is, but ME! Du, du, da!

I wasn’t satisfied and felt a tremendous need to get to the bottom of this world changing phenomena! Yes, me, a simple man, not unlike a Peter Parker or a Norman Dorshmier. An veritable unknown in the field of bubble creatures, I went the extra mile and solved this predicament, HA, HA!

Actually, I just followed a link in one of the Who Forted comments and emailed the guy. His name is Doug Smith from the UMass Biology Department. Doug was kind enough to clear up the whole thing.

Our previously unknown bubble creatures are actually single celled algae containing gas. Fhew! What a load off my mind and I know how relieved you the readers must be. I can see you all losing sleep over this and I just couldn’t live with myself to have everyone in a state of continuous stress. I’m just glad it’s over and frankly, I’m exhausted! What an undertaking!

Now, I’m sure everyone wants to be educated on single celled algae, right? Right? No? How about I tell you about my 6th grade biology teacher instead? He was about 94 yrs old and referred to us as carpet baggers. He often referenced his daughter who it seems didn’t care for him much either. Now, who wants to hear about my History teacher? Hello? Anyone?

OK, so it’s not that exciting, but it was an itch I had to scratch and I took you guys along for the ride. Now get off my back…and into my heart! Remember that song? Doesn’t it go that way? No? Oh crap! Now I have another dilemma to solve….Supersleuthing powers, activate!

I’d like to thank the following for giving me something to live for the past few days:

Who Forted
Doug Smith (Sorry Doug, couldn’t find your biology bio)

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