Video: Stunning UFO?

Video: Stunning UFO?

arthur ufo
Booval, Queensland, Australia:

While stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, a gentlemen named Arthur Sollitt happen to notice a holy doolie of a sight in the skies above his Booval residence.

This was something he’d never witnessed before but he’d take a bloody oath that it was fair dinkum. Not wanting to lose the plot, he grabbed his trusty video camera and started shooting the strange object. It was a fair suck of the sav as it glowed green and white in the night sky.

At one point a Shelia out on a walkabout saw Arthur with his camera and stopped to look. London to a brick that she had seen the UFO before. So, now we have two witnesses and of course, the video:

Amazing, isn’t it? huh? Isn’t it? If you haven’t caught on yet, I’ll fill you in void of anymore Aussie slang.

If you were paying attention to Arthur as he was narrating, there was a moment where he speculated as to what it might be. I think Arthur was more spot on than even he realized.

It took me all of 1 minute to locate another video with a similar UFO, and another, and still another. In fact, there was enough to post at least six here, but I think I can wrap this up with just one. However, for those who are difficult to convince, I’m inclined to throw up two, just for them.

Well, need I say more? Seems our poor bloke Arthur saw nothing more than an LED equipped RC airplane.

Hey, at least we can mark another UFO off the list! I’d definitely call this one SOLVED.

Thanks to all the Youtubers for providing content here and a special thanks to Arthur Sollitt. Stiff bikkies Arthur!

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