Orbs, Orbs, And More Orbs

Orbs, Orbs, And More Orbs


Wolf Paranormal recently contacted us for help identifying an anomalous “orb” that was captured while doing a field-test session. Here’s what Holly from Wolf Paranormal had to say:

I have a couple of photos that were taken last night during a
field-testing session with my dog. I can’t explain them, and normally, I

wouldn’t even consider them as potential evidence. But I know the
location very well, andI know that these anomalies shouldnot be
present.  If you could help me with some possible causes, I would really

appreciate it.  I’m heading out in a little bit to take some day-time
comparison photos.






















Conditions at shoot time:  Dry, approx. 13C, very light breeze out of
the southwest at about 8km/h. A few clouds. Dry ground, no flying bugs
in the area or in the grass. Shots taken before and after the photos in
questionwere completely clear (nobugs, pollens, or anything)

Thanks in advance for taking the time to analyze these for me. I really
do appreciate it.

Wolf Paranormal Investigations
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


We’ve talked about these so-called “ghost orbs” here on GhostTheory for quite a long time. When we first started the website back in 2008, Orbs photographs were all the rage in the paranormal. We took it upon ourselves to be one of the first sites set out to debunk these photographs. Do a search for ORBS on GhostTheory.com and you will see what I’m talking about.

So with that in mind, the pictures that Holly from Wolf Paranormal sent us look all too familiar. Even though Wolf Paranormal was thorough with recording the environment around the place where the pictures were taken, we must take into account how light can reflect off of anything including dust, pollen and yes, bugs.

Usually I’d take time and use some photo-editing software to closely examine these types of photographs, however having analyzed so many of them throughout the years I’ve grown disinterested in them. All of the orbs photographs that we’ve written about have either been proven to be dust, bugs, or other free-floating objects. The ones that were sent to us from Wolf Paranormal are indicative of this.

But the ghostly orbs phenomena came from somewhere right?

Right. For centuries people have reported seeing strange lights whizzing by in supposed haunted locations, but those lights that were reported look and behave nothing like those that have come to grow so popular nowadays. For those Parapsychologists who have witnessed such phenomena, the orbs are described way differently.

They’re described as 3D globs of light that are self-illuminating (meaning they glow from within and are not reflecting any external light). They sometimes are described as making a popping sound when they appear and usually are seen for a few seconds before they either “blink off” or go through a wall.

One of the most famous cases that produced a so-called ghostly orb is the San Pedro Haunting, or the Jackie Hernandez case. Here, in the town of San Pedro, California, a young mother was plagued by strange noises, odors and a full-on apparition of an elderly man. It wasn’t just Jackie who saw it. Her neighbor had also witness the strangeness that was happening in the house as well as the researchers who were there to investigate. Jackie had managed to photograph a couple of the orbs she had mentioned that were haunting her bungalow.


From what was concluded, researchers believed that Jackie’s house had some tremendous psychokinetic energy floating about. What these orbs are, we don’t know. We do however know that what Jackie claims to have captured that day in her living room is nothing like the orbs we see all over the internet today.

What do you think? Did Wolf Paranormal capture something out of this world?