UFO Researcher Accused Of Being A Reptilian

UFO Researcher Accused Of Being A Reptilian

Open Minds TV addresses one of it’s own, Antonio Huneeus about being accused of being a Reptilian in disguise. Huneeus was seen sitting beside Steven Greer at the recent Citizens Hearing On Disclosure. They also offer a synopsis and commentary on several of the stories of the day.

Apparently the story is that “anomalous eye movements” displayed by both Huneeus and Greer are indicators that they are:
Aliens, or
Under alien mind control, or
Under government control via nano technology

Published on Jun 14, 2013

Veteran UFO researcher Antonio Huneeus was recently accused of either being a sinister reptilian extraterrestrial, or under the control of extraterrestrials. We give Antonio the opportunity to address these claims. We also discuss some interesting UFO videos and more on this episode of Spacing Out!

Jump to 11:18 for the story

I especially like the statement by Huneeus:

If you are not accused of being part of the cover-up, it means you’re not a very good UFO researcher.

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Henry Paterson