Smart Phone UFOs. Can You Probe Me Now?

Smart Phone UFOs. Can You Probe Me Now?

It is an old story, and it is a new story.
Here is how it goes:
In a report (among many others from many places) from the New India Express

An Army officer has reportedly captured a UFO (unidentified flying object) on his cell phone at Kannur, Kerala.

“My husband had a new mobile (HTC-1) and he was checking the features by clicking photos randomly. It was around 4.30-5 pm and suddenly he screamed saying that he got a UFO image. We couldn’t believe it first and thought he was playing a prank,” Divya who hails from Kannur told Express over phone.

She said Major Sebastian did not see the UFO with his naked eye. “We checked every frame carefully and only one had a flying saucer on it. We looked in the sky to spot something unusual. We came back home and did a thorough search on the internet and even scanned the NASA website,” said Divya.

The prevalence of cell phone cameras and ever increasing quality is producing more and more UFO footage from this source. The problem is that a few people have taken it into their heads to create APPs that automatically superimpose a UFO of your choice into any picture you take. In the story above the woman says outright that her husband just got the new HTC-1, and she thought he might be playing a prank.

Some of these apps let you choose the UFO you would like to add to your masterpiece, often with a selection screen like this,

Then there are others which do the work for you and you get a result like this taken out the window as I sit here writing.

Yes, the window needs to be washed, yes there is a little horsey thing hanging in the window, no there was no UFO there in the sky when the photo was taken. I know, I was there.

As if there is not enough fakery going around to keep websites like Your favorite Ghost Theory busy trying to insert some common sense into the search for answers, and to keep other websites busy rubber stamping anything with a blur in the sky as genuine proof. Now anybody who can afford a cell phone can post their tailor made fake with a story about how they saw (or didn’t see) a UFO. If anything, we get further from the truth with every one of these pictures. The press? They don’t care, if they print a story like this at all they typically do not ask any questions about it. Certainly not in the Kerala case.

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Henry Paterson