Norfolk: UFO Or Weather Balloon?

Norfolk: UFO Or Weather Balloon?

Are we looking at the Roswell of our time? Or are we just a little paranoid?

Published on Aug 4, 2013

Mystery object falls from sky, area sealed off by military:
Simply nobody will be giving any credence to officials in America who have stated that a mystery object which fell from the sky this week – after which the surrounding area was evacuated and sealed off for some time by police and military personnel – was just a “weather balloon”.
Reportedly, large numbers of government operatives from various agencies converged urgently on a residential neighborhood in Norfolk, Virginia, on Tuesday night after an unidentified object fell from the sky there. News reports describe the object as “something odd”, with some eyewitness accounts saying it resembled a balloon and others suggesting that the crash landed artifact had a structure similar to “styrofoam”. According to local TV news: One person told authorities it was making a strange noise.
People living and working in the immediate area were rapidly evacuated and the district was sealed off by a combination of police and military personnel. The presence of operatives from shadowy federal agencies in overall charge of the incident was – of course – not mentioned by spokesmen briefing the media.
However it was revealed that initial contact with the landed object was handled using a robot. Following this there was consultation with experts from NASA.
Not long thereafter the mystery object from the sky was apparently loaded onto an unidentified government vehicle and removed from the scene. Subsequently local residents were permitted to return to their homes and the military and police contingents dispersed.

Well it sounds good when you read it this way, but if you look at it another way it sounds a little different.

According to WVEC 13

by Jonathan Costen, 13 News Now
Posted on July 30, 2013 at 7:50 PM

NORFOLK–Something odd fell from the sky and landed in a Norfolk neighborhood.
The Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Engine-17, the bomb squad and Norfolk firefighters responded to the 2900 block of Somerset Lane in Ocean View just after 6:00 p.m. Tuesday.
The bomb squad used a robot to get a closer look at the square Styrofoam box package in the street. The box had a balloon attached to it and one person told authorities it was making a strange noise.
As a precaution, people living close to the item were evacuated.
Around 8:40 p.m., after looking at photos taken by the robot, firefighters determined the package was likely a weather balloon possibly from NASA’s Wallops Island on the Eastern Shore.

Sometimes a weather balloon is just a weather balloon.
Granted, I have found NOAA weather balloons and returned them, and they looked nothing like this, but there are all sorts of different instruments that are being sent into the upper atmosphere for research.
In recent news there has been non-specific information that has government and intelligence agencies on alert for another potential terrorist attack on the mainland United States, and I am sure that has local authorities on alert for anything out of the ordinary. Again from WVEC:

The fire department stresses if you do see a strange item, do not investigate on your own. Just call the authorities.

So, Government cover-up, paranoia or weather balloon?

I am going to vote weather balloon.

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Henry Paterson