Learn Bigfoot Tracking

Learn Bigfoot Tracking

In a collaborative effort Dr. Don Jeffery Meldrum and professional tracker Dr. Jim Halfpenny are teaching a class in tracking rare animals including…
well, you know.

From Dr Meldrum’s FaceBook Page

I can’t express how excited and privileged I am to be collaborating with a professional tracker of Jim Halfpenny’s stature on this first-of-its-kind workshop on tracking rare, elusive and “unknown” species. September 10th is the closing date for registration. Please spread the word. Share this post with friends you think may be interested. A successful course of this nature will set a precedent for interest and cooperation in the tracking community and provide the opportunity for investigators to gain invaluable skills that will aid them in identifying, collecting, and documenting credible reliable data — not to mention spend a weekend in one of the most spectacular spots on the planet — the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem!

It really does not matter if you believe in Bigfoot or not.  I would encourage skeptics as well as the faithful to attend if you are able, because knowledge of your subject is always valuable from either perspective.

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