Sounds From The Sky: Latest Video From Canada

Sounds From The Sky: Latest Video From Canada

YouTube User: Kimberly Wookey

Published on Aug 29, 2013
This is the second time I have heard these sounds here in Terrace BC Canada. First time was back in June 19th 2013 but it was not quite as intense. On the morning of August 29th 2013 at approx. 7:30am I was awoken by these sounds. I shot out of bed like a bat out of hell realizing it was the same sounds I had heard before and I ran looking for a camera to try to capture them with. Came out into the livingroom to find my 7-year-old son awake and scared wondering what was going on (he’s the one I am whispering to in the first video) He had said the noises woke him up as well and shook his window. After it was over and I sat down at the computer to upload the video. Checking my Facebook I noticed a lot of locals had heard the same sounds again but this time it was far more widespread. I have no idea what these sounds are but it is pretty strange and I am glad that I was able to catch them this time and share what I heard.

Mysterious Noise Heard Throughout Terrace Area…

Strange Sounds Heard All Over Terrace This Morning…

Looks Sounds like the mysterious trumpet-like sounds are back. This latest video comes from Terrace, BC, and is just a few days old. The sound was heard in the early morning of August 29th, 2013.

Unlike the many other videos that we’ve posted, this one sounds vastly different.

There’s been no real investigation into theses alleged groans that seem to come from above us. Is the earth really groaning or is this just a viral hoax going around the world?