Drama Building For Bigfoot DNA, Update

Drama Building For Bigfoot DNA, Update

We will be switching channels today from the Melba Ketchum show and in its place bringing you the Bryan Sykes show. I have no particular interest in a debate of Ketchum’s credentials from the semi comfortable chair I typically inhabit while writing these articles. I will post for your perusal, this information on Bryan Sykes, author of “The Seven Daughters of Eve”:

Bryan Sykes, MA PhD DSc, professor of human genetics at Oxford University, pioneered the use of DNA in exploring the human past. He is also the founder and chairman of Oxford Ancestors (www.oxfordancestors.com), which helps individuals explore their genetic roots using DNA. He is the author of Saxons, Vikings, and Celts; The Seven Daughters of Eve, a New York Times bestseller; and Adam’s Curse.

Sykes is the next to step up to the plate when it comes to sequencing potential Bigfoot DNA.
From the Wolfson College, Oxford University Website


UPDATE – August 2013

Thanks to all who have contributed samples to the project. We have collected and analyzed over thirty samples and results are being prepared for publication. Following normal procedure, no results or other information will be available prior to publication, so please do not enquire.

Though the collection phase is now over, hair samples can still be submitted for analysis, but the costs (about $2,000 per sample) will no longer be covered.

Bryan Sykes.

The project is divided into three phases.

SAMPLE SUBMISSION PHASE        May – September 2012
DNA ANALYSIS PHASE            September – November 2012
PUBLICATION PHASE            November – December 2012

Results from DNA analysis will be prepared for publication in a peer-reviewed science journal. No results will be released until any embargoes on publication have passed.

I guess that timetable is a bit off. Still, we can always hope for an early Xmas present this year. Have you all been good little skeptics or believers?

Any guesses on whether Sykes’ results will meet with any more or less resistance than Ketchum’s?
Will Sykes’ results bring credibility to the study of Bigfoot, or will Bigfoot step all over Sykes’ career?
Sykes can certainly not be attacked on any question of his credentials. And one thing is sure, the search for bigfoot has graduated from plaster casts of hoaxed or misidentified or unexplained footprints and crackpot theories to the DNA labs of Oxford University. That’s something anyway.

I contacted Dr. Sykes to see where the project was, and to ask if he had any comment on the Ketchum Study, since her study is certainly relevant to his, and has certainly set the stage for the reception of his announcement.

Hello Dr. Sykes
I am bringing our readers up to date on your current state of your Bigfoot DNA study, setting the stage for the release of your results.
I was curious if you have any comment on the quality of the Ketchum study, its content, or conclusions.

Dear Henry,

Thank you for your enquiry. I have more or less finished the collection and analysis phase of the project, with just one or two more samples left to analyse. I am now preparing manuscript(s) for submission to peer-reviewed journals.

I have not commented on Dr Ketchum’s work, and will certainly not do so until my own results are published – if at all.

With kind regards


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