War Of The Worlds Scenario Works Again!

Most Americans are familiar with the 1938 radio spoof by Orson Wells’ Mercury Theatre that utilized the premise of an alien attack as described in the HG Wells book, The War Of The Worlds.

Apparently radio station Star 94.9 out of Alabama inadvertently started a bit of a panic with a similar situation.

Story as reported by the Times Daily:

Station offers apology

The programming director at Shoals Radio Group said he is puzzled over how a promotion for a local radio station managed to excite many students and parents into believing bombs would be exploding Thursday at area schools.

Rumors of school safety being in jeopardy steadily increased after the promotion began Monday. The promotional broadcasts were to bring attention to a format change at Star 94.9. The rumors prompted some parents to keep their children at home Thursday instead of attend class as usual. Police and school officials increased patrols in schools in an attempt to ease fears.

No problems were reported at any school in the Shoals.

Shoals Radio Group owns Star 94.9.

“We certainly apologize, but we had no intention to cause any problems or create concerns about schools,” said Brian Rickman, regional director of programming for the radio group. “We are truly taken back by how out of context this has been taken. We could not have foreseen this happening.”

The promotion, which will end today with the announcement of a format change, is built around the premise that aliens have taken over the radio station’s frequency and are trying to figure out what type music appeals to humans.

Star 94.9 has operated with a Top 40 music format.

Rickman said none of the promotions “even remotely hint that schools are going to be attacked and there is no mention of bombs.”

He said the station has fielded dozens of calls. Local school and law enforcement officials have heard from concerned parents and students, too.

Some school officials have called the promotion a hoax and said it was in bad taste considering society’s heightened sensitivity to school violence.

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In the Wells broadcast, there was widespread fear and panic. People were even calling police to claim they saw the alleged aliens or their ships.

It just goes to show you that a good fake alien invasion works every time. One important aspect is the fear it causes. I’ve always been of the opinion that if the Governments of the world ever came out and admitted alien visitation, it would result in chaos. This sampling from Alabama still proves that point to a degree.

Before claiming that you’d be OK with such and admission, remember, it’s never happened, so can you really know for sure how you’d react.

Here’s a little survey I prepared, let me know what you think.

How would you react if the gov announced alien visitation?
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