Need A Bigger Fix Of The Unexstrange?

Need A Bigger Fix Of The Unexstrange?

A new site has recently appeared on the interweb horizon. It’s a constantly changing viral site that offers the freshest in all things strange and unexplained. Something I like to call the ‘Unexstrange’.


At Mulder’s World, you will never run out of content with an average of 50 new videos every single day. That should keep you busy till the cows come wherever it is they come to.

So, when you’ve covered all the great stories here at GhostTheory and just can’t satisfy that short attention span without watching the video about the hoola hoop girl or the snake that likes the taste of it’s own tail, head on over to Mulder’s World, you won’t be disappointed.

That’s, for the discriminating nutjob in each and every one of us.