Are We Headed Toward Mind Control?

Are We Headed Toward Mind Control?

Even to myself, I am starting to wonder if I am wandering down the path that leads to becoming a conspiracy theorist? Several of my recent articles seem to lean that way. Have any of you seen it?

In a story about Contaminated Vaccines
Or one that mentions the potential for Mind Control
Or an article about Digital Immortality
Or the article that will follow this one about a parasite that affects behavior titled “No Fear Of Cats.” Be sure to tune in for the evidence of my burgeoning crazy.
And let’s not forget an article by Scott on RFID Implants

In my defense, when I read these stories and consider the potential implications, while taking into account Humanity’s past developments of technology and science and where so much of that has lead us, I am not sure what other conclusions to draw.

Maybe I am just becoming pessimistic in my old age. Hopefully I will soon have cause to argue against some really juicy and utterly ridiculous conspiracy, making someone (other than myself, or then again, maybe) look completely foolish. Not today however.

From Live Science

New Thermometers Stick Like Temporary Tattoo

All pretty mundane until you read the paragraph that follows.

Using new wearable electronics as light and thin as temporary tattoos, scientists can now take a person’s temperature and monitor not only their health but also their mental state.

Whoops! Come again? “…mental state.”

Okay, many people are reading that and blowing it a little out of proportion, at least in the immediate sense. All this appliqué does is detect changes in the blood vessels directly adjacent. No harm in that. A useful, convenient and inexpensive method of monitoring the health of a patient. We could do with a lot more of that.

Just as I said in the FaceBook post where I found this article.

Henry Paterson
The capabilities of this device ARE very overstated.

But that is not where it ends. It ends in the future.

What it represents however is the potential for this technology. This is only a first step.

When Bell built his first phone, could he have considered accessing the internet over a handheld device in the middle of a desert? So where will this technology be in 100 years time? 50?

Those scientists and engineers in Los Alamos did understand the potential of their work in 1942. Some of them tried to stop it, but it went forward. Now we consider it one of the biggest threats to our existence, in various forms from outright weapons to otherwise peacefully applied energy sources.

However mundane the initial step may be, it leads down an inevitable path.

Does this have the potential to become the modern equivalent of identification tattoos the Nazis imposed on the Jewish population prior to and during WWII?

Or should we assume there is not the possibility of a permanent version of this sort of applied electronics? People are already protesting the potential for humans being implanted with RFID chips.

Whoah, time to reign in the crazy. I will have to restate at this point I am only looking at potential here. No one is suggesting such a thing is going to happen, should happen or worst case scenario is happening. Nor am I suggesting that the benefits of this technology might not outweigh the risks of its abuse. But I, as many of you were, was around in 1984 when there was a lot of press about George Orwell’s novel of the same name. For those of you who were not, there were many speculations about the possibility of his idea of excessive government control based on total monitoring of people’s lives coming true. For a more modern version I recommend George Lucas’ “thx 1138.”

Since the passage of the actual 1984 there have been many analyses suggesting that the internet is exactly that. Do we truly understand the full extent of information available about us? As shown in This Video.

Big Brother is here, we have given him a big hug and invited him home to dinner. That he seems to work both for us, in WikiLeaks, as well as against us as in the video is just an aspect of our ultimate human perversity. But it should also serve as a warning of exactly what this article is about. If the potential for abuse exists, it will happen without our vigilance.

On the plus side, If we have this potential now, then this story takes the wind out of the Alien Implant theories pretty much all together. Because they should be able to accomplish whatever insidious ends implants are presumed to be aimed at by merely giving any of us a tiny tattoo that would pass for, or even be disguised by any mole or other discoloration on our body. Looked at the back of your neck, just under the hairline in the mirror lately.


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