I Like Bigfoot Butts, And I Cannot Lie…

I Like Bigfoot Butts, And I Cannot Lie…

Seems to be Bigfoot Week here at Ghost Theory. Up next is an analysis of Patty from the Patterson – Gimlin film. She’s just big boned. Honest.

Bill Munns and Jeff Meldrum have released a Research Paper on Patty’s … anatomy. I suggest you read the full paper for their analysis, but here is the main…um…thrust of it.

Research Article
Bill Munns, Jeff Meldrum

The best known images offered as evidence of the existence of sasquatch, a.k.a. Bigfoot, is the 16mm film shot by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in 1967 in northern California. The nature of the subject seen walking across a sand bar at the Bluff Creek site has been debated and analyzed for 45 years. The objectives of this analysis address two opposing lines of reasoning.

One line of reasoning tries to compare and explain the anatomical appearance of the subject in relation to human and/or great ape musculoskeletal structure, to support the position that the film’s subject depicts a real novel biological entity. The second line of reasoning tries to explain the subject’s appearance in relation to a fabricated fur suit, to support the argument that the film’s hominid subject is merely a human performer wearing a costume, and thus conclude that the film depicts
a hoax. However, in addition to the internal framework provided by the musculoskeletal anatomy, there are variable amounts of
adipose tissue distributed beneath the skin of the primate body.


It means that even bigfoot has weight problem and the research involves observing how the fatty tissue causes the skin to crease on a living animal, then comparing that to the way the surface of a worn suit creases. Here are some examples of the photo analysis.

Fair Warning! Some of these photos are not for the faint of heart.

Here we have Patty as compared to a human being with the adipose creases at the shoulder delineated in red,

Then a gorilla…

And a man in a suit.

Now a similar observation at the small of the back, first with Patty and human,

A gorilla again…

And the suit.

To be fair, this is not a very good suit. I have seen much better.   Check out the Sigourney Weaver movie, “Gorillas In The Mist” where there are numerous shots with a performer in a suit, and it is damn difficult to tell. That being said, “Gorillas” was filmed 20 years after the Patterson/Gimlin film, and the technology had improved considerably. Claims that Roger Patterson used a man in a rented or constructed suit make no mention of any special effort that went into construction of such, and movie special effects artists and experts readily testify that in that time period the ability to construct a suit the behaved with any significant degree of anatomical correctness did not exist. However you look at it, this study does demonstrate how a suit worn over the body behaves differently from the body itself.

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