Pennsylvania Bigfoot Photos: Fail UPDATED

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Photos: Fail UPDATED

We are just all over Bigfoot recently, but then the weather is getting cooler, Bigfoot is proposed to be migratory, and they might just be out enjoying the fall color.

Follow This Link for the updated story and picture of the root ball as described by our reader John Wind who has also posted links in his comment.

In an article from The Daily Mail there are purported Bigfoot photos.

Does this image show TWO Bigfoot creatures?
Woodsman photographed ‘moving beast’ in Pennsylvania‚Ķ but there is no sign of it now
By Daniel Miller

Woodsman spots what appears to be two creatures lurking in the woods
He said creature was bigger than a bear with a different body shape
But when he returned to the exact spot there was no sign of them
It comes as researchers say they have DNA proof Bigfoot is real

Mr Stoneman, 57, had been returning from the Kinzua Bridge Fall Festival with his girlfriend when the pair saw the mysterious shape moving in the forest.

He quickly grabbed his camera and fired off these shots as they slowed the car down and edged along the road.

Okay, you took pictures when the creatures were present. Go back to the same spot and take a picture of the same scene from the same angles and show me their absence.

Okay, you say that is where they were standing, but you offer no reference from the original photos to demonstrate that.

Here I can identify the bent tree just left of center and the “V” shaped tree just to the right of that, but compare this to the second photo above, the one with the inset close-up, these two photos were obviously taken at significantly different times, days or even weeks apart judging by the leaves on the ground.

As these are all taken from different angles, they could easily be just mossy stumps with a vague sort of humanoid appearance. There are no photos taken in sequence or that indicate motion. The one photo that seems to show an arm, shows a pretty skinny arm with a strange mid-forearm twist or break in it. As the corroborating photos are taken days or weeks later, they really offer nothing to the case.

Is Mr. Stoneman lying about what he saw? I have no reason to make that claim. He could easily have been as much the victim of a prank as anyone. These photographs however offer nothing to the case for the existence of Bigfoot.

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