Retro Creeps 3: Scary Portraits From The Past Keep Comin!

Retro Creeps 3: Scary Portraits From The Past Keep Comin!

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Last night on MuldersWorld, I threw up a weird vintage photo that reminded me of something Xavier started way back in 2010. Strange vintage photos with a surreal twist that make your skin crawl.

Now comes the third instalment. I thought we scoured the interwebs clean of these old pictures, but lucky for us, there are still a couple three out there and you get to see a few today.

Some of them hit you right away, while others require that you stare at them for a time to see the strangeness. You know they are affecting you when you go to bed and keep getting an image in your mind that makes you jump with every creak and crack you hear.

Note: If you’d like to see them in a larger format, there’s a bit of a trick to it. First, click on the photo. That will take you to the photo page. Then click the photo one more time and it will blow up to full size. However, don’t comment on the photo page as nobody will see it. To comment, come back to the main article page.

So, lets get it on, with Retro Creeps 3!

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I have to be honest, there were a couple that I really debated on. Just way past my comfort zone is what I’m getting at. However, these are not for me, so I prefer to let the reader decide.

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