Giant Tarantula Discovered

Giant Tarantula Discovered

Because Tarantulas are not big enough already?

From MSN.Com

Giant tarantula as big as human face discovered in Sri Lanka

Image copyright: British Tarantula Society Journal Study

Ranil Nanayakkara and his colleagues discovered Poecilotheria rajaei, a new species of tiger spider, in northern Sri Lanka. It was first noticed in 2009, when villagers brought a spider they had killed to researchers.

“Days of extensive searching in every tree hole and bark peel were rewarded with a female and to our satisfaction several juveniles too,”

Woo hoo?

Tiger spiders typically live in tree hollows, under rocks and, during monsoon season, in human dwellings that are close to forests. The Poecilotheria species exists only in India and Sri Lanka and is known for its colorful markings and remarkable speed – as well as its size.

But what do they eat??

Tiger spiders are large enough to eat birds, small snakes and mice and catch them using speed and potent venom, rather than webs.

Oh. I hope we are not headed for a Spiderocalypse.

Several species of Poecilotheria are endangered due to loss of habitat.

Well, at least that is some good news.

Sleep well GTers

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