Kazakhstan UFO Video

Kazakhstan UFO Video

One of the better UFO videos I have seen recently.

Recorded, typically, at night and by people in a hurry, they at least create a plausible scenario.
The object in question is not mysteriously appearing out of nowhere just as they start filming, rather it seems to have been in motion across the sky and they are catching it just as it goes out of sight.

Zoomed and slowed on the object.

There have been several recent reports that turned out to be the sort of remote drones used to take news or other video of sports and other news worthy events. If you are not used to seeing these things in the sky, they have lights on them so the controller can see where they are and their orientation, just like any full sized aircraft.

Heck, even on the ground this one looks pretty convincing as a UFO.

Here is the same craft in the air.

No, the configuration of the lights is certainly not the same, but that is something that can be changed at will by the owner of the craft. I see no reason to call this a hoax, but then I also have no reason to consider it anything other than a terrestrial craft.

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