Subterranean Humanoid Photo

Subterranean Humanoid Photo

There is no story to accompany this photo, I found it on a FaceBook page called Monster Talk, where a follower posted it asking for opinions.
Seemingly shown is a humanoid creature, some sort of subterranean dweller.

Here is a slightly improved version so you can get a better idea of the detail.

Of course this is just a still image, not difficult to mock up, or for a skilled hand to photoshop, yet there is a certain creepiness to the image. And a certain believability. Until you see the entire image.

To be fair to the person who posted this to Monster Talk, I cropped out the text in the lower left corner for the sake of this article. And to continue to be fair, the poster did not express an opinion of their own, merely asked for others’ opinions. Of course someone very quickly went to the website where they have this to say about themselves.

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So why did I bother with this at all?

Because we have carried pictures like this one from a story Scott covered.

Or this one

And a variety of others all reminiscent of the photo this article is about. And while many of you die-hard skeptics out there (bless your stony little hearts) immediately dismiss this as fakery, there are many others who at least will question the evidence of their eyes before coming to a conclusion. The ease with which such images are generated today, and the ease with which many believe them makes the job of culling the truly strange stories from the merely clever fakes very difficult. I have been drawn in by more than one story that was already debunked. And several more that were quickly proved hoaxes.

The dead alien discovered in Russia which turned out to be a hoax made of chicken skin and bread was one of may personal favorite letdowns.

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Henry Paterson