Area 51 Files Released

Area 51 Files Released

In a move typical of governments everywhere, the US Government finally acknowledged what anyone with Google Earth has known for years, and everyone else has known for decades. There is a flight research facility outside of Las Vegas, in the Nevada Desert often referred to as Area 51. Now they are releasing documents pertaining to the work that has been done there.

From the George Washington University Website

The Area 51 File: Secret Aircraft and Soviet MiGs
Declassified Documents Describe Stealth Facility in Nevada
National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 443

Posted – October 29, 2013

Edited by Jeffrey T. Richelson

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Go to the web page for the list of links to released documents dating from 1961 to 2009

The beauty of Conspiracy Theories is they thrive on what is never said, so the more you do not say, the more people believe them. There is not a single word about UFOs or recovered alien bodies in the newly released information so the theorists will of course maintain that THAT part is still being kept secret. But there are two reasons for information to not be released, either some one is keeping it secret, or it does not exist to be released. It is always amazed me the outright contradiction inherent in this sort of theory:

Conspiracist: They are keeping the information we want secret!
Me: Then how do you know it exists?
Conspiracist: Everybody knows.
Me: Then they are not doing a very good job of keeping it secret.
Conspiracist: Everybody knows, but they won’t release the proof.
Me: So you know because you can’t prove anything?
Conspiracist: Exactly!

What has been released in these documents are a number of letters, reports and patents concerning development of American spy planes, stealth technology, and evaluations of captured Russian MiG aircraft. And if you care to look, and read between the lines there will also be the information that creates a line of development of technology that leads us to our current levels in various areas. A line which does not include reverse engineering of captured alien technology.

No amount of disclosure will ever impact a conspiracy, or those who believe it because to the conspiracist truth is lies, absence of evidence is in itself evidence, and only what they choose to believe is acceptable.

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