Unbelievable UFO Or STSish Snafu?

Unbelievable UFO Or STSish Snafu?

While I am not very impressed with many UFOs these days, there are exceptions now and then. This being one that has me thinking a bit.

The name Stephen Hannard may ring a bell and that’s because we’ve featured his videos here in the past. His youtube channel is StephenHannardADGUK and I’ve been following him for about three years.

While Stephen has been scammed bigtime in the past, he has also improved since he first showed up on youtube. From watching his progress, I can conclude that he has the best of intentions and never purposely tries to put up bogus content. From the early days of just throwing up whatever he could lay his hands on, Stephen has progressed to examining videos as he attempts to screen out the hoaxes.

This new one is interesting, yet also questionable. There are aspects of this object that have me curious. Watch the video and then we’ll talk about it.

As you can see, it starts out with a faint transparency, but by the end, it’s much more opaque. In fact, Stephen says something similar in his narrative:

When i first saw this footage i presumed it was a lens or light anomaly from the ISS camera, but after running it through several filters i changed my mind.

Object starts off quite translucent as it comes into view, and then becomes more solid and defined.

This could indicate the object is a dimensional craft, phasing into our reality from an alternate one. This of course is only an opinion, but please note, sightings of these ring shaped UFOs are increasing, some are quite small, and others, especially ones seen around the sun are massive, only question is what are they?

One of my impressions on the pro side was that it almost looks biological. It also struck me as being very similar to a couple of past ISS feeds that have been debated to nausium. Of course, they look somewhat biological as well.

Now comes the part where we talk about the possibilities many won’t want to hear. Stephen is claiming it can’t be a lens flair after running it through several filters. Unfortunately, it does have many characteristics inclusive in lens artefacts. Here we see a debunking of the STS-75 incident and they do a pretty good job of it.

While I can’t say for sure that Stephen’s video is just another case of ISS lens anomalies, it’s probably the best possible theory. However, fear not UFO lovers, I’m not putting anything in concrete, maybe just some soft serve vanilla ice cream.

I still think Stephen is worth following. He’s trying and he will continue to get better as time passes.

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