More Pterodactyls

More Pterodactyls

This time in Brazil.

Where else in the world is there such a large expanse of unexplored seemingly primordial forest than the Amazon? Well, okay, Africa. But Africa already has Mokolo Mbembe and it just wouldn’t be fair for them to have two relict dinosaurs.

I wonder what will be coming out of India?

Here is the photo that is supposedly taken in Brazil in 2005.

The story is a family on vacation in Brazil and the father snapped a picture on a disposable camera, conveniently eliminating any question of examination of the negative. And here is the image it took me all of a few seconds to find in an image search…

Are they exactly the same? Nope, but nothing here that is not an easy change in Photoshop.  As blurry as this image is it is easy to hide a lot.

Decide for yourself, and consider it is never the mundane dinosaurs that have survived. Mokolo Mbembe is a supposedly one of the large quadrupeds like Brachiosaurs, others postulate the survival of giant ocean going crocodiles called Mososaurs, or Meegalodons (giant sharks), or the Ta Prohm Stegosaur, and of course pterodactyls are a favorite. It is never the little guys the size of your foot who are considered as having survived, despite that for their size they are far more likely to have survived and remained hidden from view for all this time, if any dinosaur might. It also doesn’t hurt that when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote “The Lost World” about a hidden land still inhabited by dinosaurs, the he placed that fictional land in South America, along the Amazon.

I find there is little to say in support of this picture. Sure, anything could potentially be photoshopped, but to so easily find such a close image requiring little manipulation is certainly a red flag for this report being fake.

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