Claimed Interpol UFO Report

Claimed Interpol UFO Report

The Costa Rican Times seems to be impressed with a story written by Paul Dale Roberts for his website called Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (whatever that means.) Roberts seems impressed on his FaceBook page…

My South Africa story makes the Costa Rica Times!

Except if you look at the article, he posted it himself.

Interpol UFO Report in South Africa?

Posted by Paul Dale Roberts on Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ghosts & the Supernatural -Israeli Mossad is aka The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations and Interpol is aka International Criminal Police Organization. Could Aliquis and Hospes belong to these two groups and were they on  assignment in South Africa for these organizations? Did Aliquis of Israeli Mossad and Hospes of Interpol witness a UFO in South Africa? Is Aliquis with the Israeli Mossad and is Hospes with Interpol? You decide.

So far there is no reason to believe either of these men belong to either of the named organizations. It is a common tactic to place the idea in the readers mind just by suggesting it as a question, which Roberts goes further in the very next sentence to simply say that is exactly who these men are.

At 10pm January 1, 2011, I may have received a phone call from operatives of the Israeli Mossad and Interpol, but of course again, it could have been a prank international call. I report it as it comes to me. Here is that report:

So offer some reason for your assumption, before you state it as fact. In fact, scan an extract from your phone bill, which is available online, to back up your story. The location the call was placed from will be listed, or may be listed as somehow blocked which can only add to the overall mystery of this report.

Paul: Hello?

Aliquis: (Speaker Phone) Hello Paul, we just had a UFO sighting that was kind of unusual and want to make a report. (Accent).

Paul: Sure, go ahead. What is your name?

Aliquis: Call me Aliquis, my partner here is Hospes.

Paul: What are your full names? Where are you calling from, this is a very unusual number?

SO, the combined security experience of agents of Mossad, and Interpol and they could not figure out how to block a number from your caller ID? If you do not want to expose anything, you could still have given the country code, as some small evidence that this call happened. And how did they get your phone number in the first place? I have trouble even finding your website.

Hospes: No full names please ( British accent?). We are here at Annadale, South Africa and we see something unusual. We can’t explain it. Do you take UFO reports?

Paul: Yes, HPI takes UFO reports, how did you find me?

Aliquis: We read your UFO stories on Internet, you are easy access to reach. This morning at 8am we see two UFOs. One UFO chase other UFO and shoot beam at UFO. UFO keeps beam on other UFO and moves it along and up into the clouds. The clouds parted and we could see the blue sky.

Paul: It is 10pm here and it’s still Jan 1st, it must be Jan 2nd over there, correct?

Hospice: Yes, correct.

Paul: So, you are saying the other UFO shot out a trajectory beam at the other UFO and it appeared it was towing the other UFO with a beam?

What is a trajectory beam?

A trajectory is the path that a moving object follows through space as a function of time.

And why did you choose the absurd spelling “Hospes” for what you already knew was a pseudonym and was obviously pronounced the same as Hospice, and why are you inconsistent in that spelling? Hospice from Hospes is not a typo.

Hospice: Yes.

Paul: What kind of work do you two do and do you live in South Africa?

Aliquis: No, I am from Israel and my friend is from England. We are on assignment here in South Africa.

What reason do you have to ask this question? Does either of them have a South African accent? And did you bother to notice that they did not answer the question?

Paul: What kind of assignment?

Aliquis: I cannot comment on that.

Then why did you say it?

Paul: What are the weather conditions? I have to ask you what kind of work do you do, for establishment of your character for this report?

Hospes: Aliquis is an Intelligence Analyst and I work in a Criminal Analysis Department. Some rain, partly cloudy at times, some thunder and saw some lightning.

Paul: Hospes, sounds like he is from England and if he works for a Criminal Analysis Department, then most likely he works for Interpol?

I thought they could not say what they did? But then Paul really put the screws to them.  And there are no other police organizations some one from a mythical “Criminal Analysis Dept.” could work for?

Hospes: I cannot disclose that. Have there been any other sightings in South Africa?

Paul: Yes, South Africa is sometimes a hotbed of UFO activity. I believe in 1965 some constables saw a UFO land in South Africa and 1974 2 men were abducted by a UFO. Many sightings take place in South Africa. Did you see any lights on the UFOs and what were the shape?

Hospes: Disc shaped and they were both pulsating red, we were maybe 10 miles from the UFOs when we saw them.

Paul: Did they change color?

Hospes: No.

Paul: Was there any sound emitting from the crafts?

Hospes: No.

Paul: Were there any aircraft nearby?

Hospes: Not that we can see.

So, an Interpol agent and a Mossad agent have no other resources to use than a randomly chosen website, to check on UFO reports, and choosing a website did not opt to go with MUFON, NUFORC, 0r any of the hundreds (if not thousands, I quit after a dozen pages) of other websites that come up in a Google search long before HPI appears. In fact, HPI International does not come up in a search for “HPI International ” on the first page, and the first thing I found was a forum with no topics.

Paul: Were you two the only ones that saw it?

Hospes: From what we can tell, yes.

Paul: Do you think there was some kind of misidentification, perhaps these were conventional aircraft and what you saw was a light emitting from one plane to another and the other plane followed the other plane into the clouds?

Aliquis: No, we are experienced observers, we know what aircraft look like, we make no mistakes and my organization has not made any mistake, only when we didn’t capture Mengele.

Paul: What? Mengele? The former German SS Officer that was on the run, the Angel of Death? Israeli Mossad was after Mengele, are you Mossad?

Aliquis: (Laughing) Paul…you are a funny man, even if I was, I would not be able to disclose that.


Paul: Okay, I think I have everything for my report. If you think of anything else or come across any other witnesses, please contact me again.

Again, seriously!? You have nothing more to ask? Did they take any pictures? Did they contact any regional air traffic control, either military or civilian for radar corroboration? Do they have access to satellite surveillance of the area that might have shown the craft?

Aliquis: We will.

Personal Note from Paul:
I do believe that Aliquis and Hospes saw something in South Africa, something that they will never forget. Many prestigious men and women of all walks of life have seen UFOs. Here are some quick case examples. Major General Wilfried De Brouwer, a very distinguished Belgium military officer has reported sightings of UFOs. As of November 29, 1989 a total of 143 UFOs have been reported in Belgium alone. Federal police at Lake Gileppe witnessed a UFO shoot out 2 red light beams with a red ball at the spearhead of both beams, in the horizontal plane.

It’s just a matter of time, when we realize 1. We are not alone. 2. Extraterrestrials kick started the human race and have been with us since the beginning of time. 3. Our governments knew about UFOs all along and suppressed it from the people. The day of enlightment will be here soon.>

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Hegelianism Paranormal Intelligence (International)

I can only assume that he defines “Intelligence” extremely loosely. But look on the bright side, the day of enlightment is at hand, and with the obesity problem in the US, that is something to look forward to.

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