The Williams Petradox

The Williams Petradox

Also referred to as the Williams Enigmalith, is a stone with what to all appearances is an electrical plug sticking out of it.

From The Viral Post

100,000 Year Old Electrical Device Found?

In 1998, electrical engineer John J. Williams discovered what looked like an electrical connector sticking up out of the ground. He began digging and found the three-pronged plug was embedded in a small rock.

According to Williams, the curious stone was unearthed during an excursion in a rural location in North America, far from human settlements, industrial complexes, airports, factories, and electronic or nuclear plants.

While it may hurt the credibility of his discovery, Williams refuses to give the exact location of his find, for fear that the site might be plundered of other mysterious relics.

Known as the “Enigmalith” (a combination of the words enigma and monolith) or” Petradox,” the device presents the undeniable appearance of an electronic component embedded in a naturally formed, solid granite stone composed of quartz and feldspar (including very small percentages of mica.)

The three-pronged plug is held by a matrix of a thus-far indeterminable origin. The 0.3-inch diameter piece does not appear to be manufactured out of wood, plastic, rubber, metal, or some other recognizable material.

After the stone was found, geological analysis found it to be about 100,000 years old—a technical impossibility according to conventional understanding of mankind’s technological development.

Perhaps not just a “technical impossibility” but a geologic one as well.

The youngest exposed pluton represents the most recent tectonic uplift and highest exhumation. The youngest exposed pluton reported to date is the Takidani Granodiorite (~ 1.4 Ma) in the Hida Mountain Range of central Japan. Using LA-ICP-MS and SHRIMP U-Pb zircon dating methods, this study demonstrates that the Kurobegawa Granite, also situated in the Hida Mountain Range, is as young as ~ 0.8 Ma. In addition, data indicate multiple intrusion episodes in this pluton since 10 Ma with a ~ 2-million-year period of quiescence; hence, a future intrusion event is likely within 1 million years.

For anyone a bit confused by the terms, as I am…

A Pluton…

A pluton in geology is a body of intrusive igneous rock (called a plutonic rock) that is crystallized from magma slowly cooling below the surface of the Earth.

And Ma…

Ma in geology means Mega Anum. The M is a standard SI prefix (think giga, mega, kilo, etc. ), and anum means year. However, in geology the “a” specifically denotes time before the present. For example, 10 Ma means ten millions years before the present, or ten million years ago.

So the youngest granite found on the planet is 1.4 million years old, yet Williams rock is tested at only 100,000 years. Who tested it and how? I have asked him for this information but not yet gotten a response. Then, there are many different compositions of granite, causing a variety of colors, and here is a piece of rough granite, unpolished…

and the Google Search for images I took this one from, and I do not see a lot of similarity between any of these and the appearance of what Williams claims to be an uncut piece of granite, 1/10th the age of the youngest granite known.

Being quite apparently porous eliminates Williams’ rock from being granite as he claims. Granite is an igneous rock that forms from magma in the Earth’s crust and is lifted by tectonic forces. The only porous igneous rock is that which is expelled as magma from active volcanoes and cools on the surface.

Some testing has been done, including X-rays of the rock which can be seen on Williams’ website

As seen in the X-ray the prongs of the “plug” quite obviously do not connect to anything. Electronic testing done on the plugs show they are consistent with an “open circuit” which also says they are not connected to anything, so you have to wonder, what purpose does the plug serve in the rock? It has been suggested that the plug is simply something that got stuck in the rock while it was forming, and setting aside that the proposed time frame of that formation is unlikely, this obviously manufactured object would have to have A: gotten deep into the Earth, and into the magma layer, and B: survived the heat, pressure, and passage through the crust as it was forced up under tectonic pressure while remaining relatively unscathed.

A little digging tells us about Williams himself, CEO Consumertronics, Albuquerque, NM. A website that sells books on subjects such as mind control, computer hacking, electronic security, cheating your utility provider, and a variety of other survivalist based topics. They also sell various hardware for electronic security, surveillance, and communication security.

And from the portion of the website dedicated to this Petradox:

Hello. My name is John J. Williams. I have for decades been and still am an avid researcher and investigator of weird, unusual and unexplained phenomena. I believe that aliens and lost advanced civilizations existed here on Earth and have left evidence of their visits and stays. If one has developed highly specialized equipment, one can discover sites that were occupied by highly advanced beings, thereby much increasing his/her probability of discovering genuine artifacts of their presence. I have extensive hardware design experience as a researcher and investigator of weird, unusual and unexplained phenomena =>, and much of my research is described in my books and manuals on phenomena topics =>

Should you be interested in paying for the entire webpages with its 150+ images and much descriptive text of my rock and embedded component – much of which I have never published in an Online webpage (including newly discovered features) – please purchase our limited-issue only $19 CDROM (bottom of page). If you want the CDROM for free as full compensation for your efforts on my behalf, you must first justify it by proving to me: (1) That you are a member of the media or an author, and that you are doing a story that will substantially include my rock and contain my webpage address; (2) That you are a bonafide scientist, engineer or professional fortean phenomena researcher or commentator, and that you are interested in evaluating my rock, and/or putting together and/or becoming a part of a scientific team to evaluate my rock and/or to dig the site; (3) That you wish to become a benefactor and will at this time irrevocably and without any qualifications or reservations pledge and obligate at least $1,000 to a non-profit organization, trust, LLC or corporation that I expect to later set-up for the research and exploration relevant to my rock and related fortean phenomena (at this time, do NOT send me any pledge money – once I receive substantial benefactor pledges (including bequests), I will set up the proper organization and then call in the pledged monies); or (4) That you have made or will make a substantial effort on my behalf to make (1), (2) or (3) above to occur.

And while he charges $19 dollars for a cd of images of the object, he offers a reward to anyone who can prove it is not what he claims.

If you are the very first person to provide me satisfactory proof that the embedded component in my rock (“component”) is a modern manmade part or that the entire rock-component assembly (“assembly”) itself is modern manmade, I will pay you $100 cash! As used relevant to this contest, “satisfactory proof” is met if, and only if, both of the two Conditions below are fully met to my satisfaction (burden of proof lies with the contestant):

If you go to his page and scroll down you can find out all about the contest and more. The conditions of the contest are that through various means you must prove that the rock and its anomalous object are not what he claims. This is a stale, old argument in the unexplained, that claims must be proven false, and it will never get you anywhere. There is no burden of proof on saying this is not what is claimed, just as there is no burden of proof on saying there are no unicorns, no Easter bunny and no boogeyman. The idea that your word should be taken as universal truth, without offering a shred of evidence for your case until anyone can prove otherwise is not science. All the while Williams is criticizing the scientific and higher education communities for not taking him seriously, not being open minded, and not adhering to what he considers credible science.

I have not been able to get a single New Mexico scientist or skeptic to even take a look at my rock – apparently, they are all a bunch of PC-controlled chickens – so much for science credibility in New Mexico.

Despite his bluster, Williams’ rock can be shown to not be what he claims. That he expects financial reward from his find and has an agenda of proving the idea of ancient aliens, and/or prehistoric human technology casts more doubt upon his sincerity. Then there would seem to be a contradiction in this statement:

“According to Williams, the curious stone was unearthed during an excursion in a rural location in North America, far from human settlements, industrial complexes, airports, factories, and electronic or nuclear plants.”

And this one:

I was hoping against hope that with all of this substantial coverage, a scientific exploration team would have emerged by now, or at least Hollywood and the major presses would have gotten involved so that additional huge boost in publicity would have pressured the scientific community to also get involved – hopefully before the dig site becomes much more trampled on that it already is.

Aside from the fact that he is a publicity seeker, how does an undisclosed location far from human settlement get trampled? Of course, as a part of his fundraising, Williams also seeks to buy the land on which he located the rock. I’m sure he won’t charge an entrance fee to any Ancient Aliens theme park he might want to build there.

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