Rick Dyer: The BS Road Show

Rick Dyer: The BS Road Show

Perrenial hoaxer and Bigfoot faker Rick Dyer is taking his latest attempt to prove the existence of ape costumes on the road, and giving you the reader a chance to get in on this ground floor investment opportunity.

From his Website.

Bigfoot Tour Sponsorship / Investment

This is your opportunity to become a part of History.

The Bigfoot body (known as “Hank”) will tour across the USA in 2014.

We expect worldwide media interest, plus local interest on a state and city basis.

As a result, your business has an opportunity to be seen, worldwide, nation wide, state wide & city wide.

We have many types of opportunities available from signage of our Motor home, through to T shirts ( will be seen on December 2013 worldwide press conference), banners and of course merchandise through licensing is also available.

Get in BEFORE December to get the best deal. Once the body is released to the main stream media, we expect a flood of inquiries. So to get the best deal for business (or product) please contact us now for a proposal. Please send an email from your business address so we can verify it to be authentic.

Speaking of verifying authenticity…Where is your proof that you have a body? And why does this face of the creature you call “Hank”

look significantly different from the mask face of the creature you claim to have shot?

When they are supposed to be the same creature? Do you mysteriously have two costumes bodies now?

Stand back everyone, make a line, one at a time to sign up to have your name and your business associated with Rick Dyer.

Operators are standing by!

[email protected]

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Henry Paterson