Mass UFO Sighting Across The United States?

Mass UFO Sighting Across The United States?

Something weird happened on New Year’s eve day. High above the skies of Northern California, strange orange-glowing spheres were spotted traveling across the sky. Then they were spotted as far south as the Hollywood Hills and today we learn that the reports stretch all the way across the United States. Florida residents are describing the same multiple glowing spheres trailing behind one another.

It started in Auburn, California at around 8 o’clock in the evening when two residents reported a glowing sphere hovering near their home. The orange glowing objects had no FAA blinking lights nor did it emit any sound. It just hovered in silence for minutes. Multiple witnesses reported that the luminous object then travel up for a few hundred feet before taking off in a dazzling speed.

Later that night, reports from Sacramento and Stockton started to come in. People were reporting the same luminous object traveling at high rate of speeds across the dark skies. By the time it reached Los Angeles, it was past midnight but had now been joined by three other glowing spheres and they were all caught on video.

Similar objects are now being reported on the East coast:

News affiliates began making inquiries as soon as they got the breaking news. Calls to the Travis Air Force Base yielded no information about the sightings to the News 10 investigators.

I’m not sure if the objects in Florida are related to the ones from California but the eyewitnesses seem to believe so. At first I was sure that this was nothing more than a case of misidentification. Floating lanterns, like the one from Chinese celebrations, often tend to be confused for Alien spacecrafts. However for those who saw the orange UFOs, this was nothing like the slow traveling lanterns. This object (or objects) seemed to be under intelligent control. Hovering, cruising, or zipping off at high rates of speed; these reports seem to be spreading across the U.S.

Keep and eye-phone out.