Paul Hellyer

Paul Hellyer

Why do people listen to Paul Hellyer?
Okay, he was an official of the Canadian government, even Minister of defense. But is he offering a single government document? OR does he just quote the popular media on the subject. I find the later to be the case, and yet he is practically revered for his willingness to be a voice for the believer community, and simply for having been a government minister everything he says is given weight as if it comes from government sources.

This video is a pretty good example of simply rehashing established stories, urban legends and conspiracy theories without offering single piece of evidence beyond that we should take his word, and that we should believe what he believes because he read it in a book, or a “chap” he talked with told him.

He was Canadian minister of Defense in 1960s, ruling over the country’s armed forces during the time of the Cold War — and when he retired he publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe, and some guests from outer space actually live here, on planet Earth. Is this fantasy? Is someone actually watching us? Today we ask the man who says UFOs are a serious business — Paul Hellyer

Published on Jan 5, 2014

I have addressed this before and am sure will again, but Hellyer brings it up so it bears saying.

They come from various places. For a long while I only knew about ones who came from different star systems – the Pleades, Zeta Reticuli and several other star systems…but in the past few months I have met [those] who made me aware that there are some in our star system, and that there are actually extraterrestrials who live on a planet called Andromedia, which is one of the moons of Saturn and that there are others on Venus and some on Mars and that they may be interacting between themselves – I suspect that they are because there is what is called a “Federation” of these people and they have rules. For example, one of the rules is that they don’t interfere with our affairs unless there are invited to – and that’s one of the reasons, probably, that we haven’t seen more of them until very recently…

Here is a little astronomy lesson on the recognized moons of Saturn. Pay careful attention to the column on the farthest right which gives a a size comparison to our own moon.

Saturn’s major satellites, compared to Earth’s Moon

Name Diameter
Orbital radius
Orbital period
Mimas 396
(12% Moon)
(0.05% Moon)
(50% Moon)
(3% Moon)
Enceladus 504
(14% Moon)
(0.2% Moon)
(60% Moon)
(5% Moon)
Tethys 1,062
(30% Moon)
(0.8% Moon)
(80% Moon)
(7% Moon)
Dione 1,123
(32% Moon)
(1.5% Moon)
(100% Moon)
(10% Moon)
Rhea 1,527
(44% Moon)
(3% Moon)
(140% Moon)
(20% Moon)
Titan 5,150
(148% Moon)
(75% Mars)
(180% Moon)
(320% Moon)
(60% Moon)
Iapetus 1,470
(42% Moon)
(2.5% Moon)
(930% Moon)
(290% Moon)

Earth’s moon lacks the gravity to retain an atmosphere. Only one of Saturn’s moons even comes close to sufficient size to do so, Iapetus, which was discovered October 25, 1671 by Giovanni Cassini. Having been around the block a few times on this issue I am going to go ahead and address the possibility that there is a moon of Saturn being kept secret from us by the NWO/Alien conspiracy to hide the truth. Next largest of Saturn’s moons is Titan at just more than half the size of our moon, discovered March 25, 1655 by Christian Huygens. Smaller than that there is really little reason to consider an intelligent race living there, but if you like, the smallest object orbiting Saturn (ruling out bodies within the ring systems themselves as far too hostile) Mimas was discovered  September 17, 1789 by William Herschel. So for a conspiracy to be hiding a moon of the size to be reasonably habitable, that conspiracy would have to go back around four hundred years. When you consider that many of these discoveries were made with telescopes of lower quality and less magnification than is possible for the average backyard hobby astronomer, it seems unlikely such a conspiracy could be kept up for long.

Though only seven main stars are visible to the naked eye, the Pleiades is a stellar nursery where hundreds of young stars are forming. A large majority of these too young to have formed planetary systems, the oldest being 1/50th of the age of our sun. No life is coming from there.

Zeta Reticuli has been popularized by the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case, from a map that Betty hill recreated from one she reported seeing where she was taken. In any case, Zeta Reticuli is a binary system which severely reduces the odds of it having a “Goldilocks” zone to support life, and the pair are orbited by a debris disc that would make survival of any potential life unlikely.

Hellyer goes on to say that these aliens would give us a lot more technology

They are here among us and I’m not afraid because in most cases, as far as technology is concerned, they are light years ahead of us, and we have learned a lot of things from them. A lot of the things we use today we got from them, you know – led lights and microchips and Kevlar vests and all sorts things that we got from their technology and we could get a lot more too, especially in the fields of medicine and agriculture if we would go about it peacefully. But, I think, maybe some of our people are more interested in getting the military technology, and I think that’s wrong-headed, and that’s one of the things that we are going to have to change, because we’re going to have to work together, all of us, everywhere on the planet.

LED lights which Hellyer pronounces as one word like lead rather than how it is intended to be spoken, l,e,d. Hellyer being educated as an engineer, you might expect a little better. I have to wonder, as a previous minister of defense does he understand the prevalence of the microchip in military technology? You can barely name a piece of military equipment that does not contain or interact with microchips, all the way down to the camouflage patterns on battle uniforms. And Kevlar? Has the Canadian Minister of Defense not heard of kevlar helmets? Kevlar body armor? Or did alien races “light years” ahead of us in technology just give us these things and either not know how they could be used, or assume we would not figure out ways to use them?

So I ask again, why do the believers listen to a man who clearly is only repeating what he has read in books and been told by other believers?

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