Dyer’s Latest Shenanigans, Another Press Conference Planned

Dyer’s Latest Shenanigans, Another Press Conference Planned

Some people never learn.

Rick Dyer is holding another press conference. Last time Dyer was involved in a press conference was 2008 and he revealed a bigfoot body that turned out to be a rubber ape suit in a freezer in Georgia. He later claimed that the government confiscated the real body so he had to replace it with something. This time the body is under glass and he has more stories to tell. A few too many.

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) – We’ve heard the stories and the tales of the 8-foot tall creature better known as Bigfoot. Some say they’ve seen him, many believe it’s a myth, but one man claims he’s actually killed the creature.

“September 6, 2012, I killed Bigfoot,” said Master Tracker Rick Dyer.

Rick Dyer recently released photos of the Bigfoot he claims to have killed outside of San Antonio Texas.

“The reason why I released photos of the beast couple of days ago is because I just received the body,” said Dyer.

You had not taken any photos of the body before you released it to the taxidermist?
Yes, taxidermist. Many people, myself included have commented that Hank…

In no regard resembles the creature Dyer videoed from hiding in his tent before the shooting.

He had been trying to explain that away as taxidermy. It has been pointed out, by myself if no on else, that he offers no invoice from the taxidermist as proof. Now Dyer has changed the story of the shooting to there being more than one bigfoot present that day. We are, I suppose, to presume the one he shot was the “other” bigfoot present. You can refresh your memory on the original story here.

“When they came I killed one, there was a couple that night, but I just managed to kill one,” said Dyer. “I shot him twice in the back and once in the head.”

Dyer said he decided to kill the creature for redemption.

As a part of his world tour with his body, Dyer now says he will hold a press conference on February 9th in an as yet undisclosed location in Washington State. It is a university in Washington state where he claims the body was studied. How that happened while the body was, he also claims, being kept “on ice” in Las Vegas I have no idea. Of course as a part of the original story, it was claimed that the body was confiscated by the film crew in disgust with Dyer’s actions and all ties were severed with him.

We will see how this new drama plays out, and what further contradictions Dyer can come up with in hopes of finally gaining some credibility. If at all possible, I will attend that press conference, should it be real.

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Henry Paterson