Bigfoot Orbs

Bigfoot Orbs

Sounds kind of dirty now that I read it. Oh well.
Thus far in unexplained circles Orbs have been associated with primarily ghosts and, but also UFOs, at least one crop circle (but that turned out later to have been faked) and now Bigfoot.

Published on Dec 25, 2013

An incredible end to a year of activity that has set a new level of interaction with the sasquatch people and our forest friend Nephatia.

We continue to progress our unique situation showing that these are not the perceived apes as many portray, but rather a people, an older more refined and evolved people that don’t rely on technology for their existence.

Sasquatch are a species that live in harmony with the earth and the universe.

Hopefully the ignorance of the human race changes its course in the very near future and grasps the understanding of our older brother. Sasquatch people are the key to the evolution of mankind. Those that refuse to change their perspective will continue to fail in their progress and understanding while the few that allow an open mind will gain insight and understanding.

This situation brings out emotion in people due to the authenticity of it. Whether it be anger or happiness, truth makes people react.

Somebody get that guy some laxative!
Strictly my personal opinion of orbs, but they can pretty readily be explained any number of things in the air that you may not be aware of, such as a light rain…

As is the absolute case in this image. I know it to be the case because that is me in the picture with our Percheron gelding, Hawthorne. It had rained and was just a light drizzle still coming down. You could not see it, could barely feel it, and saw no evidence or it on my clothing, but it was nothing more than perfectly normal precipitation. As for the video, with clearly new fallen snow on the ground, just as in this picture (Hawthorne again)…

Light snow often continues to fall, or flakes drift out of trees long after it has to all appearances stopped snowing. Even in this reduced image you can make out the supposed “purple aura” they make the case for in one of their images.
As for the vocal interchange? All I can think is, maybe Rick Dyer was hanging out nearby in the woods.

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