Cops Talk About Their ‘Paranormal Calls’

Cops Talk About Their ‘Paranormal Calls’

CopShadowI was reading The Anomalist and found a link to a Reddit post titled Police officers of reddit, have you ever been called to a home for a paranormal reason?

The thread consisted of some really eerie and sometimes downright scary encounters with the paranormal that police officers have encountered while on patrol. No one really thinks about it, but cops are usually one of the most credible witnesses to paranormal phenomena. It’s a well known fact that many parapsychologists and researchers know. Police officers are trained observers and usually will make better witnesses than a civilian.

Check out some of the responses from the men and women in blue.

One family in 2007 reported hearing train sounds and screaming in their 140 year old farm house.

No train tracks for miles…. until you realize that the walking path behind the house was an old railroad line that donated the track space to complete the walking path. Never went back there… I saw and heard nothing but why tempt fate.

One young woman in 2009 had just moved into a new house… and when we got there… she opened the door and had a look of terror on her face and the first thing she said was “this house hasn’t been blessed yet… there is something in the basement”

Ok.. I mean… blessed or not… gotta check the basement.

Guns and flashlights out… nothing. Stood there for about ten minutes with the owner yelling at us from upstairs that it wont happen because we are here.

Furnace fires up (admittedly…. it looked old) and it made some kind of noise that sounded like a growl with some banging… she starts screaming “that’s it… can you hear it!?!?!” We explained what it was.. but she still left the house insisting that she would have a priest or something over to bless it before she came back.

  • Finally… in 2008 I was sent to a call about a neighbor dispute… which is never a good time. Being a ref in the middle of two neighbors that have usually hated each other for eons is a reoccurring nightmare.

I get there and this completely professional woman is pissed off beyond comprehension. I say professional woman because in my occupation, dealing with all types, the first thing I tend to see in people is education and professional level. She seemed normal, well rounded, and there is nothing that would indicate any type of drug abuse or substances.

She informs me that her neighbors are racist assholes and have been threatening her by yelling through the wall when she is inside the house.

This… seems legit to me. She was convincing and when I interrupted and had her retell the story at different points it was always the same with the same details. In short, I could not twist her story and say to myself “seems like bullshit.”

So I start writing things down that she says. She tells me that she has lived at the house with her husband for about a month and loves it. But every time they are inside the house their racist neighbor screams “leave the home”… and they are tired of it.

She goes on and tells me that before she called this time she was bringing groceries into the house… and she likes to pile all the groceries by the back door at one time and then bring inn the bags to the kitchen. She told me that while she was in the kitchen… the neighbor shot a 24 case of pop with a pellet gun.

I go outside and look at this case… and there are several cans inside the case that look to be leaking into empty but I don’t see where a projectile hit the case. It was also about 70 degrees and beautiful. So I open the case… which was sealed and there are four cans that just look smashed to hell…. but the rest are fine… and I see no pellet holes or whatever else. Also in my mind I have no idea how these cans could have been this deformed in the pattern they were found in without damaging cans near them… or the case they were in.

I might be college educated and have some cop exp… but I shrug it off because how the hell do I know they werent damaged in packing, or some other explanation. But the spider sense started tingling.

But hey… I get paid for this stuff… so I went next door and did the cop thing… and two of the sweetest old women ever live in the house… and they are of the same race as the neighbor in distress. No males live there or have been there.

So I go back to my complainant and ask where does the voice come from… and she points right at the old lady house next door. I ask is it a male voice or female… and she without hesitation says male… and “he sounds so pissed off all the time”.

So in an effort to put this to rest, because obviously there was some kind of disconnect, and any time you can get neighbors to be happy they tend not to call anymore…

I marched the complainant over to her neighbors house to introduce everyone.

She like so many people now had no idea who is living next to her. We all got invited inside and if you could picture two grandmothers that were roommates… you can picture inside this house. They even had a candy tray and pastries to offer.

So finally I explain to the grandmothers what is going on.

I shit you not… one looks right at me and goes… “::name omitted:: said that happened to him before he passed”

they then tell us that the previous homeowner before the current one apparently told his neighbors that a voice was yelling at him to “leave the home” a few months before taking a handful of sleeping pills.

Now… I’m a pretty rational person.

But the more I thought about it… crazy racist neighbors don’t yell things like “leave the home” they are usually more explicit and hateful. I kinda think that the only type of entity that would tell you to “leave the home” would be something inside the home.

So I have no idea what to believe.

I know that a short time later i saw a real estate sign in front of the house and the complaintant packing her stuff into a truck. She waved.. I waved back.

But thats all I know and I luckily am not assigned to that area anymore.


Freaked out yet? Read some more:


I had a call to a residence for a mental evaluation or a “5150.” Anyways, I get there and speak to a 50-something-year-old woman, who states her 20-something-year-od son is under the influence of an unknown drug, and kept repeating that he can’t go in his bedroom because there was an old man hanging in his room. She stated she was too scared to go in his room and investigate it for herself, because he constantly brings over friends that are drug addicts, and is unsure if his claims were true or not.

I then go speak to the son, who is clearly under the influence of a stimulate. He goes on to tell me that he was told by a “spirit” to not enter the bedroom, because her father, dressed in his military “Class A” uniform was hanging in his bedroom.

I check the room out and of course there was no body hanging in the room. As I’m in the middle of explaining to the mother that there was no body in the bedroom, a veteran officer arrives on scene to assist me.

He pulls me aside and stated earlier in his career he responded to this residence, and that same bedroom, he had to investigate a suicide by hanging of an older male subject. He didn’t remember all the details, so I looked it up in our report management system in my patrol car and sure enough the officer was correct. The subject who died was a WWII veteran and had dressed in his military uniform and hung himself.

In my mind, I always thought that when they purchased the home, possibly this incident was disclosed to them? However, I thought the mother would have mentioned it to me, if it had been disclosed to her. She was genuinely concerned about her son and the allegations.


I was dispatched to an unknown disturbance a couple of years ago around 0100. The caller either wasn’t making sense or didn’t give many details as there was hardly any information on my screen other than the caller believed their friend had been possessed. I get to the address and there is a group of young twenty somethings all huddled in one corner of a small apartment. There is a scared-looking girl sitting in a chair in the opposite corner crying with her knees draw tight against her chest.

The group was telling me they were all hanging out watching a movie when their friend developed a blank stare and started talking in an unintelligible speech. They didn’t do a great job of explaining this to me but it had obviously terrified them. While they were describing this the girl in the corner began to cry harder. One of her friends was also crying and kept saying something along the lines of, “It wasn’t your voice!” “That wasn’t your voice.”

I went to talk to the girl. She told me she didn’t remember anything. At this point I was worried she had some kind of medical issue, possibly a stroke. I checked her pupils, they seemed normal, and called the fire department to come check her out. I got a hold of her mother and an ambulance transported her to a hospital for an evaluation.

I’ve responded to many calls that were complainants of supernatural activity but this was the only one that involved a group (6-8) witnessing the event. All in all, it was pretty creepy.


A strange report by a nurse:

Nurse here. Night shift in a nursing home. A newly arrived resident, a wonderful 98-y/o lady with her mental faculties very sharp still, called me to her room. Asked me to please escort the confused lady who was trying to get into her bed to her own room.

There was no one there, so I figured she was dreaming, but then she started describing the lady, her clothes and her walker, and the sounds she made, in great detail. I got a little freaked out, because the description matched the former resident of that room, who had some very recognizable behaviour and appearance traits, and also died the week before, very accurately.

Check out the rest of the thread over at Reddit. Paranormal or not, cops must see the weirdest shit.