Paracas Skulls: DNA Update NEW INFO!

Paracas Skulls: DNA Update  NEW INFO!

Just last week I brought you a story about the Paracas Skulls of Peru. Today preliminary results have been announced revealing that the skulls may well be a different species than modern Human.

From AncientOrigins.Net

DNA analysis of Paracas elongated skull finally complete – with incredible results

It is well-known that most cases of skull elongation are the result of cranial deformation, head flattening, or head binding, in which the skull is intentionally deformed by applying force over a long period of time. It is usually achieved by binding the head between two pieces of wood, or binding in cloth. However, while cranial deformation changes the shape of the skull, it does not alter its volume, weight, or other features that are characteristic of a regular human skull.
The results (of DNA testing) are now back, and Brien Foerster, author of more than ten books and an authority on the ancient elongated headed people of South America, has just revealed the preliminary results of the analysis. He writes:
It had mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. But a few fragments I was able to sequence from this sample indicate that if these mutations will hold we are dealing with a new human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans.

Of course we have heard this sort of result before ala Melba Ketchum. So far the full results have not been released, nor am I hearing key phrases like “peer review” or “publication.”  If true, this is a monumental discovery. It would go a way toward explaining why other ancient cultures in the area performed skull deformation.


Well, as some of you may have read in the comments below, it has now been revealed that the unnamed geneticist who performed the analysis in this case is Melba “bigfoot is a half human, half angel, half ?? hybrid” Ketchum. At this point, I have to say that is not evidence enough to discount the results, but it certainly puts those results in a new light.

According to Doubtful News

In two places, Clemens notes he HOPES the “geneticist” was not Ketchum but the way this is being presented to the public is strangely reminiscent of Melba’s way of making an end run around the scientific community. Ah, Martin, your senses serve you well – because it is indeed Melba’s handiwork. We find this via a few routes that connect Foerster to Melba. It’s admitted here as part of the Genesis Project:

It would seem with available information that the peer review process has been sidestepped all together this time, and gone straight to press release. Questions yet remain about the nature of theses skulls, so do not get me wrong, but answers are still adrift from the quality of research that has been shown in the case, and several agenda red flags are waving in the breeze.


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