UFOs Cutting Through Clouds Video

UFOs Cutting Through Clouds Video

09/02/14 – Just got my new camcorder, the Canon M52. First UFO sighting filmed with it! 🙂 According to many, this is a very rare and unique footage… I’m so happy I recorded this!

I recorded a massive bright UFO fleet flying at an amazing speed through the clouds. The lights were making a strange trail, as if they were cutting the clouds. My hypothesis is that these objects are probably meteors that were so burning that they “melt” the clouds in their way. Maybe some people have another version? Tell me what you think please! -Source: YouTube

I’m not sure what to make of this one. It does appear like these are orbs of light cutting straight through a cloud bank and flying at dazzling speeds. Right after the single UFO orb makes its appearance, three other orbs appear at the other side of the cloud bank and fly through it in a triangle formation. Behind that is another trailing orb of light. It’s really strange.

I doubt that weather balloons or Chinese lanterns have the mass or size to cut through the clouds as we can observe in the video. It would take a large and very fast object to do what we’ve just seen. Unless of course this video is a hoax.

Strange video indeed. What do you make of it?