Giants In America

Giants In America

Stone Builders and Giants Of Ancient Americas has a FaceBook Page and they have recently posted a map compiling all the “giants” reported found in the US, with a few thrown in from Canada and Mexico for good measure.

The attached photo is a Google earth map made by researcher Cecelia Hall who has graciously mapped all the giant skeleton reports of Micah Ewers, Ross Hamilton and myself. Worldwide there are over 1400 and counting and over 1000 in the U.S. That is individual accounts not multiple accounts of one report. A staggering figure to be sure. I regret to say I will be signing off from the Daily Giant for now. Not to be a drama queen, but I am embarking on a long project that will in all probability, bring this information to a wide audience. My goal in all of this was to simply make the case that there is enough evidence to warrant further investigation of this controversial topic. That doesn’t mean the Smithsonian has an underground secret warehouse with lizard people and government contractors genetically reverse engineering giants, just that there is nothing wrong with asking questions and no one should be ridiculed for such an act.

To me, nothing is more abhorrent than someone with a vested interest in a way of thinking, dictating reality to someone else. Everyone should trust their own experience and evaluate things for themselves. This idea that we have all the answers is something that many open-minded thinkers push back against. I believe more and more along the lines of what the ancient myths, legends, oral histories and esoteric disciplines tell us about our past. I see the dogma and arrogance in science and offer a different perspective. That doesn’t make me right but beware the angry and disgruntled one who tells you that things have to be a certain way. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, it is simple as that. People love a mystery, because it compels them to examine the mystery of their own life and ask questions of a spiritual nature that otherwise would not have been asked. I appreciate all the support and kind words from people who have followed this page, some from the beginning, for over 400 days. Thanks to all.

Curiously, the map pretty much breaks down to echo current population distribution in the US, With all these reports you would expect there to be a specimen somewhere. After all, these are skeletons, not like Bigfoot who at least has the potential to run away. Unless of course these giants have come back to life and are really the source of Slenderman reports. Who can say? Sure, there are plenty of conspiracy theories about governments covering up the existence of such skeletons, but I have yet to hear a convincing motive for doing so. Or a convincing story for why ALL governments are doing so. We do not cover up evidence Neanderthals, or Denisovans, Red Deer People, nor have they covered up any of the older known relatives or ancestors of the human family tree.

I have also never heard a convincing reason why these giants were any better able to build megalithic structures. Sure, there may have been a race of ancestors taller than we are today, but none of the reports offer up specimens of a size that they would not have equally had to employ use of levers and rollers, along with fundamental physics and geometry to build with the more impressive stones, so at that point is it purely a matter of numbers. IF they could have done it, so could we with nothing more exotic than a larger workforce.

But as spring break is fast approaching (though not fast enough for many of our east coast readers) feel free to review the map for you choice of destination and go find us a giant.

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Henry Paterson